f.l.t.r. Maurice Blaauw, Chiara Mancuso, Dian Hulsebosch, Ilse Nauta and Weier Visser

CUT!-Committee 2020-2021

Chiara Mancuso (2018) Chair
Dian Hulsebosch (2018) Vice-chair
Ilse Nauta (2020) Secretary
Weier Visser (2017) Treasurer
Maurice Blaauw (2019) PR
Joris van Spijk (2017) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Throughout the year the CUT! Committee organizes three movie nights in collaboration with Zienema and one free activity that our committee has the possibility to choose and organise freely!                                                                                                                    

The chair of the committee is Chiara Mancuso, the lead of the Movie committee of this year. It's her task to direct everyone and be some kind of mediator, just like a real director in a movie!  The vice-chair is Dian Hulsebosch, although we did not see her shine in her role yet we are sure that she is more than capable to help us in many different ways! Ilse Nauta is the person responsible for keeping us all on track with her detailed minutes of our meetings (as only a good secretary would be able to do ). Weier Visser, as our treasurer, is responsible to check if our plans are (financially) possible, while our PR, Maurice Blaauw is to thank for the amazing PR work (which include activity posters and texts all over Ubbo’s social media)!

We hope to see you at our next activity!

Much love <3,

The CUT!-Committee 2020-2021

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