Theatre Committee

Theatre Committee 2020-2021

Ruben Mekkering (2018) Chair
Bart Zegeling (2016) Vice-chair / Secretary
Anne Nijmeijer (2018) Treasurer
Bibian van Dijk (2020) PR
Paul Zengerink (2014) Assistent Director
Joris van Spijk (2017) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

The theatre committee of 2020-2021 is a committee that is all about high standards. Not so much in terms of quality of the play or quality of activities, but rather on the choice of wine for an evening. All kidding aside our members and our director are planning to create the best theatre experience a committee during Corona can offer. Our chair is Ruben Mekkering. His tasks are mostly planning and making sure everything in the committee is going smoothly. Other than that his cooking, which is mostly basic cooking like pancakes, is quite alright.

    Our vice-chair and secretary is Bart Zegeling. Usually he doesn’t need an introduction but here goes nothing. Bart’s tasks this year are making notes during meetings and keep Ruben on track. His skills are of great contribution to the committee along with his fairly constant beer bringing.

    The treasurer this year is Anne Nijmeijer. He also was the treasurer of the theco last year so he knows his way around a tight budget. Although he has yet again managed to create a nicely balanced budget sending it to everybody remained a hard task. Other than that he is a great guy with some of the biggest enthusiasm a committee member has ever brought in.

    Our PR is Bibian van Dijk. A first year who has been assigned quite a busy part of this committee. She has been our beacon of publicity in a dark world of faltering interest in student theatre. The fact that she is from Friesland has not yet hindered her work and we are thankful for that in many ways.

    And last but not least our assistant to the director Paul Zengerink. A man with many years of experience at ubbo and a fresh look on the history course. He also has a lot of experience in the world of theatre as he has taken part in several enactments of plays with various organizers.

    All in all we believe that this year the theco will be able to provide a great experience for everyone interested. Hopefully we will see you all at our activities and stay tuned for updates!

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