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Job offering: Belsimpel

This job offering is only for those fluent in Dutch. Belsimpel, based in Groningen and founded in 2008, has grown into a major player in the telecom world. With a close team of more than 450 motivated, energetic and smart students and professionals, we go to great lengths to change the Mobile World every day. We are not a provider, we are not a store, and we are not a search engine. We are a way: a Methodâ„¢ to find what best suits the customer in terms of mobile phones.


What do we do?

Our mission is to change the market. We can call over 1.4 million Dutch people Belsimpel customers and have grown another 50% in 2018 (300 million in turnover). That means even more customers we want to make happy. How do we do that? We get a kick out of solving a difficult puzzle for our customers. We set the bar extremely high for our customer satisfaction, so you can really make a difference for customers, together with other smart colleagues. That is super challenging to do and motivates you to go even further and really change something in the mobile world.

Will you join us in this challenge?

A young, fast-growing company with the ambition to change the Mobile World: not only in the Netherlands, but throughout Europe. If you want to get even more out of your study time, or you have almost graduated and are ready to develop yourself in practice after your studies: Belsimpel is there to make you even better on both a professional and personal level.

Do you get a kick out of going to extremes every day? Do you want to be part of our win-win culture? During your studies you can gain practical experience in a part-time job. Are you close to graduating? Who knows, we might have the perfect challenge for you, such as a Management Traineeship. For more information and all part-time and full-time vacancies, please visit:

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