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Committee Points Competition

Every committee of Ubbo wants to be the most active committee! So we made it a competition. The idea is simple: the committee with the most points at the end of the academic year wins. The system works as follows:

How does one earn points?

As a committee you can earn points for being present during activities. You will receive 1 point for showing up with half of your committee and 2 points for showing up with your entire committee. With an odd number of committee members, ‘half’ of your committee is for example 4 out of 7 or 3 out of 5.

Points are only granted when all the present committee members are in a photo taken by one of the board members.

During which activities can one earn points?

Almost all Ubbo-activities are included in the competition. The only exceptions are activities during the weekends and activities in which the participants are decided by drawing lots.

Some activities even earn you double the points! This is the case with the General Member Meetings and the committee weekend.

How do I know how many points my committee has earned?

Every month the newsletter will mention which three committees earned the most points. If you are not in the top three, you can ask the Commissioner Public Relations for your current score by email ( You can only request the score of your own committee.

Do I earn points for my own activities?

Of course your entire committee will be present for your own activities, this means you don’t get points for it. The amount of activities varies widely per committee, that is why at the end of the year there will be a compensation in points. In this way, eventually, every committee could earn the same amount of points.

What can we win?

Just before the summer holidays, at the end of the academic year, we will announce which committee has earned the most points at the year closure. This committee will receive a nice physical prize. Additionally, the first social drink of next year will be named after the victorious committee! Can you already imagine the poster?

What are the exceptions?

When a committee member is physically limited for a longer amount of time and if a member is abroad for a longer amount of time, the board can decide to not count this member in the competition for that period of time.

The board reserves the right to make adjustments or decisions. For questions you can always send an email to! 

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