PHD Assistant Ancient History | University of Basel, Switzerland

Dear Student Associations/Unions of (Ancient) History

We are pleased to inform you of an opening at the Institute of Ancient History here in Basel, which may be of interest in particular to your MA students graduating soon, as well as your recent alumni and alumnae currently seeking a PhD position.

The Institute is offering a 4-year PhD-position (Assistant) in Ancient History at the University of Basel, which will start on February 1, 2021 or by agreement (description in German:

Located within the Department of Ancient Civilizations (home to the disciplines of Ancient History, Egyptology, Classical Philology, Historical Comparative Linguistics, Classical Archaeology, Pre- & Protohistoric Archaeology, Roman Provincial Archaeology and Scientific Archaeology), our Institute values interdisciplinary approaches to the classical world. The research of our staff includes questions of social science (e.g. power, ethnicity, religion, gender, economy, migration), cultural and art studies (e.g. image-text relations, iconography, aesthetics), as well as environmental history.

A field specific to Ancient History in Basel is a focus on the social, economic, environmental and religious history of Greco-Roman Egypt, for which the department maintains several research projects with international cooperation (see the upcoming SNSF-funded "The Roman Egypt Laboratory" (2021–2025): The range of courses also includes an interest in the cultural history of antiquity, which has a long tradition in Basel. The ancient world is further prominently analyzed through the tools of classical and digital papyrology, which students are taught from an undergraduate level.

The assistant position includes the requirement to pursue a PhD project, 2 hours/week of teaching (in German or English), participation in ongoing research projects, and administrative duties. A research focus on Graeco-Roman or late antique Egypt is preferable but not a requirement. Working language is English or German. Salary: approx. 50'000 Swiss francs (€47.000 or 52,000 USD) / year.

Application deadline: October 4th, 2020.

Please apply exclusively via the online application tool (link in the job posting: Two reference letters should be sent directly via email to our Head of Institute, Prof. Dr. Sabine Huebner ( For any further information, do not hesitate to contact Prof. Dr. Huebner.


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