The Honours College consists of two parts: the “Petrus Camper Track”, or the broadening segment, and the “Arts Deepening”, or the deepening segment. Currently, I am a third years Honour student and so far the Honours College has helped me to improve my academic skills, but it has also helped me to incorporate new perspectives, other than the one supplied by the History bachelor. From the deepening segment I did courses on rhetoric and how to apply them to your argument-structure, the uses of narrative, the history of ideals about life, and the rhetoric of fear – these courses build on your knowledge from the bachelor, and take it further. You will meet with Arts students, which gives you the opportunity to understand the different academic perspectives of other bachelors.

The broadening segment of the Honours Track focusses on developing yourself, and so you take multiple courses on e.g. how to become an academic or entrepreneur, ‘The Art of Influence’, courses of other faculties (I took a course on stem cells with multiple excursions to the UMCG and one on constructing polities), and on how to develop academic skills (such as debating, academic writing, teamwork and writing about science).

In your second year you will choose a summer school, and other honours students from your cohort as well as professors from the RuG will join you on this summer school (with destinations such as Surinam, Canada, New York, Rome, Warsaw, etc.) to do some fieldwork – it is recommended that you choose a summer school that is not organised by your own faculty, in order to keep challenging yourself. In the third and final year of the Honours College Track you will present on the Petrus Camper Track Festival on the topic of your summer school.

In my experience the honours program will keep on challenging you as a person and as a student. It will help if you do not mind to go to college in the evening (Honours College courses usually take place in the evening) and it helps if you are enthusiastic to learn new things aside from your bachelor and are motivated to put work into that. The results? An improvement of your skills, new friends (from multiple disciplines) and a broadening of your academic horizon!

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