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Bestuur Van Bussel (2018-2019)
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2 mei 2019 15:00 - 17:00


 After successfully introducing the Master Seminar, we now invite you to the Bachelor Seminar, specially devoted to the job market for historians. In short lectures and meetings, we will showcase how history and the jobmarket are intertwined in our Master programme and students will share their experiences and advice on doing a minor outside the History department. 

 Date: 2 May 2019

Time: 17.00 – 20.00 hours

Place: Weberfoyer


Exposition Room (Weberfoyer)

  • 17.00 Welcome

Ø  17.05 "Later als je groot bent/ When you’re a grown up"

o   The many possibilities in the work field after the History programme and how to achieve this - by the study advisers

  • 17.35 Minor choices in the BA programme, the how and why.
    • A panel discussion with current students from the BA programme History about their choices.
      • Lukas de Ruiter (Minor Abroad - USA)
      • Robbert van der Haar (Educatieve Minor)
      • Iris Bartels (Career Minor)
      • Monique Osinga (Faculty minor IRIO - premaster)
      • Elvira Ambrosius (Minor Philosophy)
  • 18.10 Short break
  • 18.20 Master History Today and Educatieve Master; A life after the BA in Groningen
    • Master track Public History by Rina Knoeff in 1315.0031
    • Master track Policy and Governance by Dirk Jan Wolffram in 1315.0037

o    Mastertrack Educatie (Educatieve Master) door Tim Huijgen in 1315.0048

De Wolthoorn (

  • 19.00 Drinks and talks with students, members of staff and study advisers about the career possibilities in and after the BA programme

 ‘Seminar’ originates from the traditional (theological) word ‘seminary’, which according to Johnson’s Dictionary (1755) defines a ‘breeding place; place of education, from whence scholars are transplanted into life’. The Master Seminar is likewise meant as a discussion platform for students and lecturers explicitly aimed at the question of how academic knowledge and skills are useful in life outside academia.

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