Batavierenrace 2019


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Bestuur Van Bussel (2018-2019)
10 mei 2019 10:00:00
12 mei 2019 22:30:00

Do you like running? Or are you more like the regular student who has an aversion against running, but still wants to be in shape? Well you are in luck, on the 10th of May starts the Batavierenrace. This running event lasts 3 days and will cover a distance of 175 kilometer. Of course you don't have to do this alone, together with a group of twentyfour people you will run in teams. The costs are €35 and this includes participation, a place to sleep, a t-shirt, and transport on location. As bonus there is also an afterparty, day drinking, and a lot more fun than running. Another fun feature is that you will meet new people, since we run together with Odiom. Will you defend the honor of the Odibo team?


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