Master Seminar III

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Studie / Carrière
Mastercommissie 2018-2019
Datum en tijd
22 mei 2019 16:00 - 18:00

Master Seminar III

The Master Seminar is meant for all MA students, but BA students are welcome too.


Master seminar; History at work -Placements and career seminar.

16.00 Welcome by Rina Knoeff, Master coordinator
16.05 Why placements add value to your master and where do our students do their placements by Joop Koopmans, placement coordinator,
16.40 Panel discussion with students Johanne Vonk (Groninger Synagogue) and Eelco Pietersma (Ministry of Defence) about their placement
17.25 Study adviser about the practicalities of placements
17.45 Drinks and talk with students, placement coordinator and study advisers

The master Seminar will take place on the 22nd of May and will start at 16;00 in De Sleutel.

‘Seminar’ originates from the traditional (theological) word ‘seminary’, which according to Johnson’s Dictionary (1755) defines a ‘breeding place; place of education, from whence scholars are transplanted into life’. The Master Seminar is likewise meant as a discussion platform for students and lecturers explicitly aimed at the question of how academic knowledge and skills are useful in life outside academia.

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