Rave and Misbehave Party


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Feestcommissie 2018-2019
6 feb. 2019 22:00:00
7 feb. 2019 01:00:00
Het Pakhuis

Are you ready to rave and (mis)behave? Then come to the second Ubbo Party of this year! Whether you're a real Gabber or a seasoned Raver or just someone with a nostalgia for the Nineties: this is your party! On the 6th of February you are welcome to experience the authentic vibes of Thunderdome in the Ubbo fashion. So shave your heads (not mandatory), grab your old Nike sneakers, put on some glow in the dark items, grab some neon clothing or just dress like the 90's never ended and come on down to the Pakhuis on the 6th of February at 22:00 to enjoy some drinks and forget about those exams! Tickets are €2.00 for members and €2.50 for non-members.


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