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Bestuur Van Bussel (2018-2019)
Datum en tijd
7 jun. 2019 14:00 - 18:00

The summer is almost here, your 'summer body' is ready to be shown, but your study mates possibly will not get the change to see it. Don't worry, SGN has the solution!

On the 7th of June the SGN will organize a beach sports day in the city of Utrecht. A few of the sports are featured: beach volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, and sand castle building. These will forever determine who the kings of the beach are! We'll start around 14:00, and around 18:00 a food truck will provide a deserved champions dinner. The total costs are €10,- (including dinner). So when you're tired of hole diggings Germans at the beach, or just want to a fun beach party, that means you should definitely come! Hope to see you on the 7th!!!


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