Studying Abroad

Studying abroad

For many students, to study at a different university for a semester or an even longer period of time is a memorable and educational experience. The majority of students packing their suitcases are in the third year of their Bachelor program, but there are plenty of possibilities to travel to faraway places and eminent universities during the fourth year or during the Master. The goals to study abroad can vary: some do it as a minor program, others for their Bachelor thesis, or to do an internship at Bachelor or Master level. There are more than enough choices, so research thoroughly. If you want to go abroad, it’s very important that you start your orientation early. Luckily the student advisors are very helpful and they can help you brainstorm and search. When you have made your decision, the selection procedure starts. The selection procedure varies for each program and depends on what you want to do abroad. The selection procedure for universities outside Europe are more extensive than for those in Europe. Start as quickly as possible with arranging everything, for example getting letters of recommendation. After signing up you have to wait for the green light. Are you allowed to study at the university of your first choice?

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