V.l.n.r.: Elyse Ling, Sam Kwant, Carmen de Graaf, Iris Loois, Othmar Versteeg, Hanneke de Boer

CUT!-Commissie 2018-2019

Carmen de Graaf (2017) Voorzitter
Hanneke de Boer (2018) Vice-voorzitter
Sam Kwant (2016) Secretaris
Elyse Ling (2017) Penningmeester
Othmar Versteeg (2016) PR
Iris Loois (2016) PR
Valerie De Heus (2016) Commissaris Intern

A warm welcome to all of you who actually made it to the webpage dedicated to the most amazing committee of all time (together with DigiCie), the magnificent CUT! Committee™. As often as four times a year, the CUT! Committee will host an amazing Movie Night during which we will introduce our mixed crowd of Ubboians and knorren to historically relevant movies. But there’s more, these historically relevant movies will be introduced by experts on their respective topics. For the first time in human history, the CUT! Committee Movie Nights will be hosted in the Vera. From this year onwards, we’re working hand in hand with the lovely people from the Zinema Committee from Vera to bring you the best possible Movie Night.

Our wonderful committee is headed by our illustrious chairwoman Carmen de Graaf, who is our beacon of hope in times of meetings and also a provider of non-functional chairs. To Carmen’s side, we have our vice-chairwoman Hanneke de Boer,whom Carmen can always count upon in the hypothetical situation of her absence. The person who keeps us for blowing our budget on Rolexes and Bentleys is our beloved treasurer Elyse Ling. Our PR is taken care of by a duo that’s almost as iconic as Broodje Kroket and Mustard, namely Iris Loois and Othmar Versteeg. Last but not least is our typmiep Sam Kwant.

               We hope to see you at the upcoming Movie Night! 

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