Ubbo Valentine special

Dear Ubboians,

It's almost Valentine's Day again and let that be our favorite holiday!
We therefore offer bottles of Ubbo wine this year. 🍷 And no not just a glass of wine but a delicious merlot with a limited edition Ubbo label, for only € 6.50 !! 👌 You can give the bottle as a gift or pick it up yourself. You also have the choice to leave a message for yourself or for your valentine. 🌹

Order your bottle through our mail Indicate how many bottles you want to order. Let us know if you want to have a message with your bottle and for whom the bottle is. Finally you enter the phone number of your valentine (or yourself of course), so that we can send him/her a message when your bottle is ready. 🍒🍓💋

Come and get your bottle, because without wine, no valentine! 💁

Kisses from the Acquisition Commission! ❤❤❤


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