Audio Tour Groningen

Audiotour through Groningen

Welcome to the audiotour through Groningen’s city centre! The 2020/2021 Lecture Committee has prepared an alternative treat for you. Instead of having a digital lecture we thought it’d be nice to get people to go outside and as such we have asked several lecturers of the university to speak about those parts of Groningen which they find the most interesting.

You won’t necessarily have to follow a specified route, nor do you have to listen to all audio fragments at once, the idea is that you can do this on your own time and your own tempo. The tour will stay online for a longer period, that way you can decide yourself which day seems best for you. Enjoy it alone, with a friend and pick a day and see what interesting history can be found in our beautiful city.

We have prepared a map, specifying the different locations at which you can listen to one of the different audio fragments, which can be found here: .

The different audio fragments can be found here:

With thanks to: Joop Koopmans, Maarten Duijvendak, Richard Paping, Dorien Knaap, Stefan van der Poel, Meggy Lennaerts, Jacolien Wubs and Arend van Essen.

Get out there and enjoy!

The Lecture Committee 2020/2021


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