Almanac Committee

f.l.t.r. Hanna Looijen, Suze van Dijken, Samuël Kruk, Florine Jellema, Jiddo van Seventer, Reinder Westerhof

Almanac Committee 2023-2024

Florine Jellema (2021) Chair
Samuël Seaghán Kruk (2021) Vice-Chair
Suze van Dijken (2022) Secretary
Hanna Looijen (2023) Treasurer
Reinder Berend Westerhof (2023) PR
Jiddo Lammert van Seventer (2023) PR
Ylva Axelsson (2021) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Hello everyone!

I’d like to call the Almanac Committee the backbone of  an Ubbo year. We make sure that all the committees get their well-deserved shine, and that this year activities are recorded on paper. It is a beautiful thing to make something that is part of Ubbo’s history and will be in many Ubbo Emmians homes for hopefully years. I would therefore like to introduce my lovely committee!

The Vice-Chair of the Almanac is the amazing Samuël. Whenever Florine is being chaotic in the meetings, he brings back the peace. With his creative mind and awesome cooking skills he continues to blow our minds. When he is not doing Almanac things, he can be found at the University Museum or exploring the world with his fun trips. Fun fact! He has goats “thuis thuis”.

The task of secretary has been taken up by our lovely Suze. She takes care of minuting the essence in the chaos of the meetings and is great at doing this. She is also responsible that the penalty point rules are being adhered to. Suze provides tranquility in our committee, while wearing great sweaters. When she is not taking notes, she can be found leading scouts at home!

The one who is responsible for the money is sweet Hanna! With excel in one hand and the budget in the other she has to keep up with our expenses. If she isn’t busy with that, she likes to talk about her “kakkervriendjes” and to cook some delicious snacks for us. As the oldest of the group she is often seen as a mom figure for our committee members, which we love.

Then we have our two PR Boys, Reinder and Jiddo! Together they take care of making nice posters and texts for our benefit. They are also in charge of the theme reveal video, exciting!

Jiddo is the Benjamin of the group, with his young age of 17 years old. Nevertheless he is actually the one who knows the most random facts/trivia and has often beaten the chair with “de Simste Mens”. Jiddo provides the committee with his fun jokes, and anecdotes. If he is not sleeping or busy with Almanac to-dos, he can be found working in the Uurwerker preparing nacho’s!

Reinder contributes to our Randstad quota. For he being from Utrecht, brings us surprisingly new ideas. He also likes to keep us in the party mood, Reinder is always in the mood for a drink, and to undertake something fun. With fun stories from nights out, he makes sure to keep the good vibe up during meetings. He is also an enthusiast of the song Hello, the passion edition.

Last but not least there is the function of the Chair, which is Florine! Armed with her calendar, the google drive, and the schedule, she makes sure that everything runs smoothly. Whenever she needs to cook for the committee she hopes that it is edible, and often apologizes in advance. If not busy with sending messages to the Almanac chat, she can be found at the cinema watching movies.

We are excited for the final Almanac, and hope you are too!


The Almanaccie

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