Almanac Committee

f.l.t.r. Jildou Dijkstra, Luke Talman, Monique Osinga, Weier Visser and Calista O'Brien

Almanac Committee 2020-2021

Monique Osinga (2016) Chair
Luke Talman (2019) Vice-chair
Calista O'Brien (2019) Secretary
Weier Visser (2017) Treasurer
Jildou Sanne Dijkstra (2020) PR
Joris van Spijk (2017) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Hi there, this is Monique. I am the chair of the almanac committee of 2020-2021. This year, the almanac will be a bit different from the last four ones, because the lustrum book will be included in this edition. The theme still needs to be kept secret - also a bit longer than usual, since the almanac and lustrum book will be handed out during Lustrum XVII in November. Forget the theme, let’s talk about my wonderful team instead. As my right hand, Luke is standing by me. He did the almanac committee last year as well, so that makes him an experienced and wise vice-chair. Calista is our astonishing secretary, who can tell the most culture shocking stories to us every committee meeting. Then we have Weier, our precious treasurer, who is always in for a glass of wine. And last but not least, our PR-member Jildou, a cheerful girl that says she is never late, but actually has for that reason the most culinary points at the moment. But we don’t mind, because thanks to Jildou bringing the booze, our (hybrid) committee evenings are, besides making the most beautiful almanac of all time, the reason why you would do a committee: to get together with a group of people that normally would not meet each other and therefore results in a flourishing and interesting time-spending. We may be small, but our atmosphere is huge! See you at the presentation ceremony during the Lustrum!

With love,

Monique Osinga    
Chair of this wonderful almanac committee

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