Almanac Committee

f.l.t.r.: Ayse Ozsan, Bouwe van de Krol, Arjan Kuipers, Nick Schouten, Bibian van Dijk

Almanac Committee 2022-2023

Arjan Kuipers (2021) Chair
Bibian van Dijk (2020) Vice-Chair
Ayse Rana Ozsan (2019) Secretary
Nick Schouten (2020) Treasurer
Bouwe Van de Krol (2022) PR

This is the Almanac Committee, the most creative and fun committee of Ubbo Emmius. We consider ourselves lucky because it’s our lovely job to create an awesome book about the past Ubbo-year. We’re currently hard at work creating content and, besides that, it’s also our job to collect all the funny, dumb and idiotic quotes of all Ubbo-members. But who exactly are the people who have taken on this very important task? Let me introduce myself first. I’m Arjan Kuipers, proud chair of the almanac committee 22-23. A job that I like very much and I’m looking forward to sharing our almanac to all the members of Ubbo. Now let me introduce the other amazing members of our committee. First, we have my very supportive vice-chair Bibian van Dijk. During our meetings Bibian always drops a lot of creative ideas which is of course very helpful. Besides that, we always get an update on her dating life. Then we have our treasurer, Nick ‘shmoney’ Schouten. Nick takes his job as ‘master of coins’ very serious and always keeps an eye on our budget. In addition, he is our gastronomic expert who always makes meetings at his place feel like dining in a Michelin-star restaurant. Then we have Ayse Rana Ozsan, our secretary. Ayse has the difficult task to make structured minutes out of our meetings. She is our smoking connoisseur as she always brings something special from Turkey to the meetings. Ayse is also the much-needed experience in the committee as she was also part of last year’s committee. Last but definitely not least, we have our PR: Bouwe van de Krol. One may call it nepotism but yeah, Bouwe is indeed the nephew of my predecessor Ilse. Jokes aside, we all love Bouwe because he is a very enthusiastic and fun person. He is also our most important source for all our first-years gossip.

Now you know all of us, we may be a small committee but never underestimate us because don’t forget: who decides history, decides the future. See you all at the Almanac Social Drink at the 27th of June!

Arjan Kuipers - Chair

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