Archive Committee

f.l.t.r. Robin Hevinga, Noa Talens, Sascha Hoogeveen, Eva Mijnders, Kevin Valke

Archive Committee 2023-2024

Eva Renée Mijnders (2021) Chair
Kevin Valke (2020) Vice-Chair
Sascha Hoogeveen (2021) Secretary
Noa Talens (2021) Treasurer
Robin Hevinga (2022) PR

Me, Eva the Archive veteran, is very proud to introduce you to my lovely committee and committee members! The Archive Committee makes sure that everything within Ubbo Emmius is perserved. We do this by, you might’ve guessed it, ✨archiving✨. Now I will switch to third person mode to show you what this year’s Archive Committee consists of! 

This year we have five persons in the Archive Committee. The Chair is Eva Mijnders. This is her third year in the Archive Committee and she will never not be excited about archiving. Will she have a lustrum? (YES) we will see! Eva oversees the committee, leads the meetings, and makes sure everything goes right. Although she is not really the one providing law and order in the committee, that goes to our mother Sascha. She is our mother because if there’s someone taking care of you when you’re drunk, it’s Sascha Hoogeveen. As our secretary she gives out penalty points and makes sure the minutes are written down for every meeting. Next up is our treasurer Noa Talens. She has a talent for taking the so-called ‘rattentaxi’ but that does not stand in the way of her treasurer duties. She makes the very big, scandalous, astronomical ✨budget✨. It is quite a heavy task, but we all believe that she is up for it! Then we have Eva’s 'rots in de branding': the Vice-Chair Kevin Valke. Making sure to support Eva whenever needed. Archive veterans stick out for each other! Lastly, but certainly not forgettable our PR Robin Hevinga. Robin is an Ubdate committee member as well, so when it comes to posters and design Robin is all about business! As the youngest in the committee he brings liveliness and joy to us old people in the committee. I understand now that the whole association is intrigued by this wondrous and hard working committee, we can’t wait to show you our wonderful work this year!

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