Archive Committee

f.l.t.r.: Wisse Dekker, Mirthe Bos, Kevin Valke, Elbrich de Jong, Eva Mijnders, Ward Janssen

Archive Committee 2022-2023

Kevin Valke (2020) Chair
Ward Janssen (2018) Vice-Chair
Eva Mijnders (2021) Secretary
Mirthe Bos (2018) Treasurer
Elbrich de Jong (2018) PR
Wisse Albert Egbert Dekker (2018) PR

The Archives Committee will ensure that everything important to our association is archived and thereby preserved for posterity. The Archives Committee this year consists of six very dedicated archivists. Our Archief is Kevin Valke. As a representative on behalf of the board, he makes sure that our committee works very hard every day to archive the most important records. While this is not Kevin's only committee he does seem to get the most enjoyment out of this. When you say archiving, you say Ward Janssen. Although this guy is only 23 years old he seems to have walked straight out of the archives. This should certainly not be taken as a disqualification. The treasurer of our committee is Mirthe Bos.  As for her treasurer policy, it will be exciting. Will it be a Calvinist year and the records committee tighten its belt firmly, or will she go for the Southern European treasurer style? The secretary of our committee is Eva Mijnders. With her sharp pen and the penalty point system, she provides the law and order in our committee. This year's two PRs are Elbrich de Jong and Wisse Dekker. The posters they have made in the past for various committees tend more toward art than an announcement of an activity. The whole association seems to be very curious to see what wonderful works they will come up with this year. 


Archives Committee 2022-2023.

Wisse Dekker - PR

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