Media Committee

f.l.t.r. Fieke Overmaat, Kaz van den Nieuwenhof, Mirthe Bos, Jordi Hutten, Jean-Paul Vaarkamp, Derian Wesselink

Media Committee 2020-2021

Jordi Hutten (2018) Chair
Kaz van de Nieuwenhof (2018) Vice-chair / Coordinator Equipment / Coordinator Translation
Jean-Paul Vaarkamp (2019) Secretary / Coordinator Equipment
Derian Wesselink (2018) Treasurer / Coordinator Aftermovies
Mirthe Bos (2018) Coordinator Aftermovies / Photographer
Fieke Overmaat (2019) Photographer / Coordinator Translation

My name is Jordi Hutten and I am the Chair of the Media Committee. The Media Committee is the committee within Ubbo that helps the Commissioner of Public Relations (me) to carry out all kinds of different tasks. For example, this committee is made up of different coordinators who all have two functions. Kaz even fulfils three of these roles and besides being Vice-chair, he is also the Translation Coordinator and the Equipment Coordinator. Jean-Paul is our Secretary and also Equipment Coordinator. Derian is our Treasurer and Coordinator of Aftermovies. Mirthe is our Aftermovies Coordinator and one of the Photographers. Our second Photographer is Fieke and besides Photographer she is also Coordinator Translation. This year is the first year that the Media Committee exists in its current form. At the beginning of the year, we will mainly be working on translating the website into English and organizing the website. You can also see our photographers at the big ubbo activities, because they will take pictures of you with Ubbo's yellow Nikon camera. 

Greetings from Jordi and the rest of the Media Committee. 

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