Travel Committee

f.l.t.r.: Alex de Jonge, Thomas van Loon, Jean-Paul Vaarkamp, Wietse Karst, Ilse van der Beek, Milan Bonekamp, Florine Jellema

Travel Committee 2022-2023

Jean-Paul Christiaan Vaarkamp (2019) Chair
Wietse Luuk Karst (2019) Vice-Chair
Alex de Jonge (2021) Secretary
Florine Jellema (2021) Treasurer
Ilse van der Beek (2020) PR
Milan Bonekamp (2020) PR
Thomas Marten van Loon (2022) PR

Dear everyone!

As you all know, Ubbo has a lot of activities throughout the year, but the trips are by far the best to participate in.

These trips are nothing without the committee. Therefore, let me introduce to you the cast of this year’s Travel Committee!

The role of Vice-Chair is played by Wietse! Vice can be seen as side-character, but Wietse has made himself our main character. He always gives the board announcements (with a little help), watches over our spendings with his sharp hawkeyes, but most importantly, he got the dough.

Next up, the role of Secretary which is played by Alex! If he is not too busy catching Pokemon on his phone, making chicken salads, or grinding experience at Coolblue to one day take over as manager, he always takes perfect notes and sends them on time!

For the role of Treasurer, Florine has been chosen! A role that befits her quite perfectly, Florine looks at excel ‘om kaas te maken van’ the numbers and the amounts. When not doing this, you can see her at Pathé! Besides these great qualities, this also means the committee can watch free movies because of Florine :)

Of course there are also the three PR cast-members. This years trio consists of Ilse, Milan and Thomas. We have met a few times at Ilse’s place, but beforehand we already know what we will eat: either tomato risotto, sweet potato soup, or white sauce pasta. However, they all are delicious! Combined with her creative skills, this makes Ilse a perfect addition to the cast.

Next up, Milan, but you can also call him Jeffrey. Milan is very valuable within the cast, creating wonderful movies, PR posts, and of course, the hints! When not meeting, he is probably smoking and drinking wine, a great combination.

Then we have arrived at Thomas, our one and only Tukker. You might have seen him with his fancy German hat and let me tell you, the hat does wonders with the ladies. When not creating posters with the other PR’s, you can probably find him chugging down all the Grolsch beers at ‘t Gat.

Finally, Jean-Paul, the director of this cast. He is the man(dalorian) of the group that keeps it all together. Agendas are sent in time (most of the times) and meetings are being smoothly directed under his leadership. If you want to contact him, you can probably find Jean-Paul at Intertoys, looking at all of the Legosets they offer.

That concludes this years Travel Committee cast! We hope to see you all in April and November when joining us on two wonderful trips!

Jean-Paul Vaarkamp​​​​​​​ - Chair

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