Travel Committee

f.l.t.r. Eline van Lienden, Joas de Jong, Kayleigh van der Waard, Maarten Wilms, Hanna Hilhorst, Coert Gillissen and Kevin Valke

Travel Committee 2020-2021

Kayleigh van der Waard (2017) Chair
Eline van Lienden (2018) Vice-chair
Kevin Valke (2020) Secretary
Joas de Jong (2016) Treasurer
Coert Gillissen (2017) PR
Hanna Hilhorst (2017) PR
Maarten Wilms (2020) PR

Hi there! We are the travelcommittee of 2020/2021, but we like to call ourselves the Complexcie. In 2021 we are planning two awesome trips: the Big Trip in July and the Small Trip in November. At the moment of writing we already have a great (and secret) destination in mind. But before you join us on the two trips of the year, let me introduce my sublime committee.

First we have Eline. She is a great vice-chair but she most importantly makes examplary Powerpoints, with the biggest Anne-Fleur ambiance. This is really refreshing in a committee full of sober northerners. Next we have Kevin, the secretary who lives in the middle of nowhere in Drenthe, but still makes it to our committee evenings. He makes the best minutes and he has the power over the penalty points. The treasurer Joas has complete control over our big budget. He also has a degree in Excel, which makes him the most important member of our committee. The PR-duo this year is Maarten and Coert. Maarten has his full attention on the plug connection of our destination. Because: “you do not want to stumble on any surprises”. Coert is our experienced PR-member, who secretly wants the big trip to go to the basilicum (basilica of Florence). 

We hope to see you on our trips!



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