Travel Committee

f.l.t.r. Marie Jolijn Kooij, Arno Zantingh, Kevin Valke, Daan de Boer, David Dalhuisen, Laurens van Mulligen, Haye Mellema

Travel Committee 2023-2024

Daan de Boer (2020) Chair
Laurens George van Mulligen (2021) Vice-Chair
Marie Jolijn Kooij (2021) Secretary
Haye Mellema (2022) Treasurer
Arno Zantingh (2022) PR
David Dalhuisen (2021) PR
Kevin Valke (2020) General Member

Welcome to the Sexxcie! We are the coolest kids on the block and we will be organizing the yearly Ubbo excursions. We sincerely hope to see all of you during our trips, so sign up!

Daan de Boer – Chair

This year I am the chair of the committee, so I oversee our weekly meetings and write pieces for the website like this one.  In my free time I cook a lot, to the delight of my committee (once every couple of weeks).

Laurens van Mulligen – Vice Chair

Laurens is our resident board member of this year. He oversees everything and checks with the board if we need to make a decision on something important. In his free time, if he has any, he is a fervent CDA-supporter and does a lot for them. We all love Lau!

Marie Jolijn Kooij – Secretary

Our most diligent and notable member, Marie Jolijn! Or MJ, for short. She takes minutes every week and does so amazingly. Besides that she plays hockey occasionally and likes older music!

Haye Mellema – Treasurer

I would like to introduce you all to our Dagobert Duck! Mr. Money! Or just treasurer. When he is available between serious studying, serious drinking, and working at AMac, he supplies us with plenty of jokes and entertaining videos. Meetings are never boring with him around.

David Dalhuisen – PR

One part creative mastermind, one part Kanye fan. It is unmistakable that David is a force to be reckoned with on the field of PR work. Together with Haye it sometimes becomes less of a meeting and more of a grappentap, but it makes the meetings very lively!

Arno Zantingh – PR

The other part of the PR duo – Arno! Also a creative mastermind, he is responsible for our posters this year. If he is not enjoying himself by being in the city he is most certainly working at TOTT.

Kevin Valke – General Member

Former board member and wine tasting expert – Kevin! Always ready to have a drink, if he gets to choose which wine we drink. Sometimes it is a cheap 3L pack of red wine, sometimes it is a delicious natural pinot noir. Just like wine gets better with time, meetings always get more fun as time goes on, and that might be thanks to the wine.

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