Travel Committee

f.l.t.r.: Verena Erich, Jory Oosterdijk, Elles Kooistra, Fieke Overmaat, Joris van Spijk, Daan de Boer, Elbrich de Jong, Jorrit Top

Travel Committee 2021-2022

Joris van Spijk (2017) Chair
Jorrit Herald Andries Top (2018) Vice-Chair
Verena Hilde Erich (2020) Secretary
Daan de Boer (2020) Treasurer
Fieke Overmaat (2019) PR
Elles Mariëlle Kooistra (2021) PR
Jory Oosterdijk (2020) PR
Elbrich de Jong (2018) General Member

Welcome to the committee page of the most dripy committee of GHD Ubbo Emmius: the Travel Committee a.k.a. the Direxcie! (conjunction of the Dutch Excursie Commissie and Direction) We are honoured to organise two of the most significant events our association has to offer. The first event is the Big Trip, which will take place in April. During one week we will visit the beautiful Ljubljana and Trieste, where no cultural highlight will be skipped and no bar will be omitted. Same counts for our second event that will take place in November. During a weekend we will visit a yet to be announced destination a bit closer to home. So make sure to bring your suitcase and follow us to our next destination!

As the chair I (Joris) am privileged to introduce my fellow committee members. First things first: Jorrit our vice-chair. No bottle of wine is safe for Jorrits far-reaching grab. What will follow is a good combination of fun and a lot of room for discussions. Things will therefore never get boring when Jorrit is present.

Our secretary is Verena. She manages it to make minutes during our chaotic meetings, for which she should be applauded heavily. This makes her the know-it-all of all committee affairs. It is rumoured that she also is a know-it-all about gossips concerning teachers, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Daan, the treasurer, is able to fall asleep everywhere. This could turn out to get a bit dangerous during our trip and we can’t reach far without our treasurer, so please keep a eye on him during our travels! Daan is also the owner of one of our committee-mascots: Poes, the cat!

Fieke is the social media star of our committee. She never misses a chance to make a TikTok-clip about literally anything, so scrolling down  your ‘for you-page’ on TikTok you will most definitely see a clip themed around Wopke Hoekstra or Hay Day from our PR-member (TikTok-username: specifieke). Things will even get more crazy when she is tappie (tipsy), but always remember: some snacks from the Maccie will calm her down.

Fieke is helped by our creative mind Jory. Jory is always very chill, but when you put him behind the camera he will change into some kind of Quentin Tarentino. Everything on film has to be perfect and that is why our announcement video turned out to be the thriller that it was. Besides this Jory manages to get lost everywhere, so we hope that coming trip will not turn into finding Jory.

Elles concludes our PR-trio. If you need some candy or other snacks, Elles is the one to find. During the meetings in her place, we're not short of anything; candy, chips, whine, she will make sure that we are well fed and drunk. Sometimes we are also joined by our second committee-mascotte: Elles her dog Pepper!

Last but not least is our general member Elbrich! Elbrich manages it to always be the last to leave a party. So when its 6 in the morning and your getting a snack at De Hoek, chances will be big that you will encounter Elbrich there. The amazing thing is that during the same morning, it is also possible to see her drinking coffee in the Harmonie-canteen. Elbrich never gets tired.

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