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Welcome to our partner page! Here you have a beautiful overview of all the amazing partners Ubbo has, and what they have to offer, when you show them you membership card! Don't have a membership card yet? You can get it by sending an e-mail to ubbo@rug.nl

't Gat

If there's one place in Groningen that is an Ubbo favourite, it is 't Gat! Every last Tuesday of the month we have our social drinks here, but all other days of the month it's also a great place to party like there's no tomorrow!

At ’t Gat van Groningen you get at a stunning discount of 20% on soda, beer, and wine. This discount is nog applicable during happy hours at social drinks.

At Het Pakhuis, we host our parties, Ubstage and our yearly Pubquiz. It's one of Ubbo's favourite places to be in Groningen. 

There's a cozy ambiance and always friendly staff, which adds greatly to our events. It doesn't matter if were dancing, performing or being very competitive with quizes and what not, Het Pakhuis is great for all of these activities!
A very nice benifit: Ubbo Emmians receive drinks for less (€2,80) when we have our fun activities at Het Pakhuis! Additionally, every party has a Happy Hour from 22:00 until 23:00, with drinks for only €1,40!



The Buckshot! One of our newest partners with whom we are very happy. During the year we will go to the Buckshot after a couple of lectures as the after drink will be held here.

The Buckshot has two floors which make for a very nice setting and a lovely terrace. Fun extra, every Thursday the Buckshot organises a Pubquiz. Make sure to check it out!

During the Pubquiz, or any other moment you go to Buckshot, you can enjoy a 15% discount on the whole menu when you show them your Ubbo membership card!

Restaurant Ugly Duck has been around for 30 years, a classical diner just like they are meant to be. Familiar, accessible and affordable. You can come by for a great meal, an extensive lunch, gluten-free products or to enjoy one of our 70+ delicious (craft) beer with some snacks!

Great deal for students: the Dagobert Duck menu, €12,50 (normally €16,-) for any meal that's on this menu!

NB: this deal is available from Sunday 'til Thursday after 17:00 PM. Ugly Duck is closed on Mondays!



't Zwarte Schaap is a well-known name in Groningen. Just outside the canals, you can find this lovely restaurant with its sunny terrace, looking out over the water. You can drink some wine, beer, or enjoy some of their delicious snacks, with 15% off! 

Do you want to enjoy some Mexican food and drinks? Then Cantina Mexicana is something for you! You can enjoy their specialties on their terrace in the sun with 15% off. What are you waiting for?



Do you love to eat some tapas with your friends? Then Tapasco is the perfect place for you! Enjoy delicious tapas in a Spanish atmosphere. For only €18,50 per person, you can enjoy their unlimited tapas! 

If you want to print your thesis, posters, beermats or anything else. Studentendrukwerk got you covered: because everything is printed in house, you have the guarantee of a fast delivery for a competitive price.

Interested? Visit https://www.studentendrukwerk.nl/



Every year the board orders your Ubbo merchandise - such as sweaters and hoodies - at one of our trusted partners, Zeefdrukkerij Pesman. 

You can also visit them yourselves for anything from screen printing to embroidery, on items ranging from normal shirts to umbrellas; basically almost anything you can think of! You can visit them at their workshop located at the Eemspoort terrain, where they'll be more than willing to advise you how to create your printed item in the best way!

*For more info:* https://zeefdrukkerijpesman.nl/
*Send a mail:* info@zeefdrukkerijpesman.nl
*Call to discuss an order:* +31 (0)50 312 19 35

No matter what kind of clothes you can think of - (winter)sport clothes, pyjamas, sweaters, vests, and whatever will be your Committee Weekend clothing - Shirt a la Minute can print text or images on it for you! The already cheap prices go down even more for Ubbo members, since you get 15% off on any print order! 

Come by the shop at Hoogstraatje 12 to discuss what's possible within your budget and your clothing of choice!

Shirt a la minute groot


Do you want to enjoy some premium beer after your committee meeting, or are you planning a great party for your (Ubbo Emmian) friends? Then we have great news for you!

Due to a great partnership with Heineken, Ubbo Emmians receive free Heineken beer glasses whenever they order beer from Heineken Student Service. You can order by calling, or you can even send them an order via Whatsapp (phone number in the banner).

NB. don't forget to mention that you're from Ubbo and therefore expect some nice beer glasses to accompany your crates of beer! 

Cycling through the winter cold and your teeth start hurting? Or waking up with aching wisdom teeth? At Studentist Groningen you can come by for general dentistry (like periodic check-ups), but also for specialized treatments. 

The dental practice is located in the city centre, close to the Academy building. This allows you to come by inbetween lectures to keep your teeth nice and healthy! An appointment can be made within a day, and costs are student-friendly.

For questions about treatments or for other information you can call 0507521911. You can also look up their online agenda to plan your appointment before calling! 


Godert Walter

Bookstore Godert Walter has been a household name in the city of Groningen for almost 80 years. Richly sorted into the following fronts: literature, German, English, French, philosophy, history, social sciences, nature and science, architecture, design and Groningana.

Do you want to increase your book collection? You can go to Godert Walter and receive 10% off on all non-Dutch books when showing your member card! Most of Godert Walters non Dutch books can be found at their new location in the Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat.

Where you about to leave your house and discovered something was wrong with your bike? Then there's still some luck around the corner on this unlucky day! Bike shop De Ganze offers Ubbo members a 10% discount on bicycle repairs and the whole assortment. 

De Ganze has two locations: besides the one you see on the map (Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 69) there's also a De Ganze bike shop at Westerhaven 4. 

De Ganze


More information on their website!

Special Coaching consists of Joke and John Winters. They have both been working for quite some
time as counsellors/coaches for people with an “intellectual” disability and based on all the
experiences they’ve gained over the years, supplemented by their work experiences, started guiding
young adults with an intellectual disability in mid-2007.
At the end of 2009, this resulted in the start-up of Special Coaching. And in November 2017 we
started Pura Vida day care.
Pura Vida has a lunch location at Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 62 where you can enjoy a lovely meal made
by even lovelier people for a very good price!


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