Teacher Minor

Would you like to become a teacher and be ready before you start your minor? The Teacher Minor (30 ECTS) is a preparatory minor for students whom are interested in teaching. This minor is only offered to those who are fluent in Dutch.

Willem Blok

Study year: 2018-2019

During the first semester of the academic study year (2018-2019) I was enrolled in the Teacher Minor. I was placed on the OSG Winkler Prins (public high school red.) in Veendam, a school that offers all the different levels of education and had a total of 2500 students. My coach was teaching classes himself to second and third grade high school, and eventually I was allowed to teach myself. After a few weeks of assignments and observations, I was allowed to start teaching. After a period of time, I got more and more the feeling on how to teach, which resulted in me getting more classes to teach. at the high school I was enthusiastically guided by my coach, but also by his colleagues and other students from the University. In January 2019 I finished up my internship and obtained a limited second level teaching degree. This allows me, after my finishing my bachelor’s degree, to teach classes at a high school.

Besides obtaining the teaching degree, the Teaching minor gives a lot of fulfillment. You learn how to easily transfer your historical knowledge to children between the age of 11 and 14. Furthermore, you learn how to work with children, all completely different, and what inspires the children outside of the classroom. Together with you coworkers you work in a close team with a common goal: bringing the children to a higher level, both educational as social. The Teacher minor is a great experience that requires a lot of time and energy but gives a lot of meaning back.

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