Career Committee

Career Committee 2020-2021

Lotte Veldkamp (2017) Chair
Marc Dorenbos (2017) Vice-chair
Dian Hulsebosch (2018) Secretary
Alex McHugh (2019) Treasurer
Gesa S Selamaj (2020) PR
Giorgi Reisner (2019) General Member

This year’s Career Committee is determined to inform our fellow Ubboians all about the tools they will need for their future careers. Be prepared for fun workshops and activities that will also be informative and educational. Our lovely committee consist of five hardworking people. Chairwoman Lotte always has an useless question ready for the question round. Our vice chair Marc is our expert on all the Ubbo stuff we need to know. For our secretary Dian no sentence is too long to write down in no time. Budgeting is no problem for excel expert Alex, and look out for the great posters our PR Gesa is going to make. We hope to see you all, either online or in person, at one of our activities!

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