Career Committee

f.l.t.r. Niels van Zanden, Arjan Kuipers, Noa Talens, Jelle Dubbeldam, Ilse van der Beek, Koen Harmsma, Laurens van Oene, Jorrit Top

Career Committee 2023-2024

Jorrit Herald Andries Top (2018) Chair
Arjan Kuipers (2021) Vice-Chair
Koen Harmsma (2018) Secretary
Noa Talens (2021) Treasurer
Laurens Matthias van Oene (2019) PR
Niels van Zanden (2018) PR
Ilse van der Beek (2020) PR
Jelle Dubbeldam (2017) General Member

This your Ubbo’s amazing Career Committee exists of 8 people! Together we will organize the different career activities that hopefully will give you an idea of all the great possibilities you have with the study of history!

Our Arie always knows how to be on time for our meetings and other Ubbo related activities. This year he will support us as Board representative and vice-chair.

Koen is one of the Ubbo veterans of our committee, but for the first time in his Ubbo career he is secretary! With his strict penalty point system we know that everyone will do their to do’s.

Noa is the strict but fair guardian of our money. With her spending drift we will for sure know how to spend the EU-subsidy!

Our PR pietjes are Laurens and Niels. They know what to do, but they also know how to communicate to each other and together they will make the PR for all the activities amazing. They can always get assistance from Ilse, their PR consultant, as PR consultant she always knows the latest PR trends and she keeps Laurens and Niels in their doghouse.

For general assisting we have our own Mr. Rock Jelluu Dubbeldam. With all his knowledge we know for sure our e-mails will be top-notch.

Lastly, Jorrit will be the chair of the Career Committee again and hopefully make this year even better than last year.

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