Career Committee

f.l.t.r.: Laurens van Mulligen, Rubben Mekkering, Maud Elsen, Marc Dorenbos, Jorrit Top, Fieke Overmaat

Career Committee 2022-2023

Jorrit Herald Andries Top (2018) Chair
Fieke Overmaat (2019) Vice-Chair
Maud Josephine Elsen (2021) Secretary
Laurens van Mulligen (2021) Treasurer
Ruben Mekkering (2018) PR
Marc Dorenbos (2017) PR

Once again this year, the career committee wants to make sure to use various activities to bring every Ubbo Emmian closer to his dreamed career! We will do that this year with our amazing committee of 6 people!

The cheerful 'funny' vice-chairman of this year’s committee is Fieke, she will help the committee to make creative ideas and will always do the announcements every week with a lovely smile!

Our amazing secretary Maud makes great minutes every week with no secret word in the minutes but a different mascot for the committee every week.

Of course, no committee can do without a treasurer, for this we have our Christian Democrat conscience Laurens, strict but fair he leads our committee through every financial setback. 
Then, of course, we also have our PR ‘pietjes' and the nestors of the committee Marc and Ruben. Together they will make great posters and the most amazing pr texts this year. 

And the chairman of this great committee is Jorrit, not always the agendas are on time but the commitment is always there.

We hope to welcome you often at the various career activities we organise this year so you can expand your linkedin network even further!

Jorrit Top​​​​​​​ - Chair

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