Lecture Committee

f.l.t.r.: Ruben van Dijken, Koen Harmsma, Jordi Hutten, Jip van der Zee, Ruben Dijkema, Marie Jolijn Kooij

Lecture Committee 2022-2023

Koen Harmsma (2018) Chair
Ruben van Dijken (2020) Vice-Chair
Marie Jolijn Kooij (2021) Secretary
Jordi Hutten (2018) Treasurer
Ruben Dijkema (2021) PR
Jip van der Zee (2017) PR
Daan de Boer (2020) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

This year's Lecture Committee consists of a magical team. With Ruben van Dijken we have a conjuring vice president, who always manages to enlighten us with his wise counsel. Then Marie Jolijn, aka MJ, aka Michael, who always manages to enchant us with her beautiful words. Third in line for succession is Jordi Hutten, our Govert Goudglans. He has his hand on the purse strings and is disappointed when we have to pay speakers. The right attitude if you ask me. Finally, the jovial and playful duo of Jip van der Zee and Ruben Yann Dijkema. With their joyous attitude they manage to put on magnificent promotions together (sometimes alone).
So far, we as a committee have organized only one lecture. Unfortunately I could not attend this in person, but I have had the opportunity to hear the memorable stories. The chemistry in the committee is great and next February 21 we have another blockbuster of a lecture scheduled. With James Kennedy we have once again brought in a top performer. Now that the destination of the excursion is known, we can put our focus on that one as well. It promises to be an exhilarating time.

Koen Harmsma ​​​​​​​- Chair

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