Lecture Committee

f.l.t.r. Elles Kooistra, Jean-Paul Vaarkamp, Milan Bonekamp, Wietse Karst, Ruben van Dijken, Verena Erich

Lecture Committee 2023-2024

Wietse Luuk Karst (2019) Chair
Jean-Paul Christiaan Vaarkamp (2019) Vice-Chair
Elles Mariëlle Kooistra (2021) Secretary
Verena Hilde Erich (2020) Treasurer
Bouwe Van de Krol (2022) PR
Milan Bonekamp (2020) PR
Ruben van Dijken (2020) General Member
Ylva Axelsson (2021) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Hi everyone, we are the Lecture Committee! Throughout the year we have been blessed with the honour of organizing five incredible lectures about historic topics of our choosing. When we are not hard at work finding topics and speakers for our lectures, we like to hang out together going to a movie or an Ubbo Social Drink. The chair of our committee is Wietse. He makes the agenda’s and oversees all the different tasks within the committee. Jean-Paul, or JP, is our vice chair, aside from being his happy exciting self, he is tasked with supporting the chair in times of committee peril. Our lovely secretary Elles writes down the minutes and makes sure all the stupid shit we say gets noted down for the board to read. Then we have Verena, our financial eagle-eyes, that makes sure we spent our money wisely. Our public relations is coordinated by an amazing trio, named Bouwe, Milan and ChatGPT. Together they make the posters and write all the important information regarding upcoming lectures. Last but not least, we have Ruben, the nestor of our committee, who shares with us his wisdom of his previous year in the Lecture Committee. Together we form a team of absolute champions, kinda like the Dutch national football team in ’88. We hope to see you all at all of our upcoming lectures!

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