Lecture Committee

f.l.t.r.: Ward Janssen, Jelle Dubbeldam, Mirthe Bos, Luuk Feunekes, Kevin Valke, Arjen Bloem, Theunis Holthuis, Guide van Hengel

Lecture Committee 2021-2022

Ward Janssen (2018) Chair
Jelle Dubbeldam (2017) Vice-Chair
Kevin Valke (2020) Secretary
Mirthe Bos (2018) Treasurer
Luuk Feunekes (2019) PR
Arjen Bloem (2017) General Member
Theunis Holthuis (2017) General Member
Niels van Zanden (2018) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Dear Ubbo Emmian,

Welcome to the page of GHD Ubbo Emmius' Lecture Committee! The Lecture Committee is actually the oldest committee of Ubbo (and being a study association for history students, that is saying someting!). What we do throughout the year is fairly easy: we organize lectures! 5-6 to be exact, with a strong accent on historical themes, of course. One of the nicer parts of the Lecture Committee is that it is not too busy, but still a great opportunity to get to know people within the association, and be actively involved at the same time.

Now, something abouy the people within this sparkling composition of people! This year's chair is Ward, who is in direct contact with the board representative Niels. Being the chair of such a talented group of people is not only a privilege, but also a great honour. Although one of our general members, Theunis J. Holthuis, is more of a philosopher than a historian these days, his insights can have an illuminating effect in the weekly discussions (if he’s up to it). Arjen’s contribution as the other general member is not be underestimated: his intellectual refinement and his encounters as a member of the Conference Committee is a great asset to us all. Mirthe’s experience as chair of the Lustrum Committee and board member ensures us of a wise spending pattern, especially when one has to choose between a free-of-charge intellectual and some nobody that asked approx. 4K. Luuk is our one-man-army when it comes to the indisputably important PR that the LeCo needs, although all the members would come to the rescue if needed. Think of vice-chair Dubbeldam, for example, the big friendly giant everyone can count on (and especially the chair). Apart from all the interesting discussions on whatever subjects, Kevin keeps track of the processes in his well-written notes.

So, if you feel like you want to get to know the Lecture Committee better, do not hesitate to contact us (much of our contact info is in the almanac)!

With lots of intellectual love,
The Lecture Committee '21-'22

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