Ubdate Committee

f.l.t.r. Else Lolkema, Robin Hevinga, Liza van Domselaar, Twan Nijboer, Sjoerd Ritzema, Mia Opremčáková

Ubdate Committee 2023-2024

Else L Lolkema (2021) Editor in Chief / Chair
Liza van Domselaar (2021) Deputy Editor in Chief / Vice-chair
Aart Willem Nijboer (2023) Secretary
Robin Hevinga (2022) Final Editor
Mia Opremčáková (2021) Final Editor
Sjoerd Ritzema (2023) Layout

Hello! We are the Ubdate Committee, a group of six Ubbo Emmians that create the association magazine the Ubdate. Four times a year a new edition is published full of articles that are history related and accompany the theme for the year. This year we write about the four cardinal directions, moving from the north to the east and finally at the end of the academic year the west. Everyone in the committee participates in the writing process, after which final editors and lay-outers bring the magazine to a whole. As the chair of the committee I will now introduce myself to you as well as all the other members of this amazing committee.

Else Lolkema

I am a third year at Ubbo as well as a third year of the Ubdate (as well as a third year History student). As a chair I have to lead the meetings and I am responsible for the final version of the magazine, being the editor-in-chief. For further information about me I would refer to the prefaces of the Ubdate.

Liza van Domselaar

The vice-chair, a writer and a lay-outer. And of course not to forget, Liza is a member of the board as well. This being said, she proves to be a hard worker and her input greatly brings a focus to a more local view on topics and gives voice to the beautiful city we all study history in, Groningen.

Robin Hevinga

Writer and final-editor, and a second year of the Ubdate Comittee. Robin is a writer in every way he tells about certain topics and his views on the world around him. Within the committee he can be critical during discussions, together with a good amount of enthusiasm with it.

Mia Opremčáková

A writer and final-editor, being in the first year of participating actively at Ubbo Emmius. When Mia shares her experiences with living in Slovakia, everyone silently listens with great interest in her views on certain topics related to that. And the other way around she can be amazed by being served stamppot.

Sjoerd Ritzema

As a first year History student as well as a first year at the Ubdate, Sjoerd seems to move around at ease and speaks with a good amount of humor. He is in a process of finding his way through Adobe Indesign as a lay-outer, and his writing provides interesting articles.

Twan Nijboer

Last but not least, Twan. Together with Sjoerd, a first year History student and Ubdate member as well. You’ll often see these two together and during meetings they complement each other by the way they speak or make fun of each other. Twan is the secretary of the committee, and will often hide a questionable word in the meetings as part of the penalty points system. Despite us having this penalty points system, Twan is the only one left with zero points at this point. I question whether this can be explained by characteristics of a typical secretary, I’d rather think it is because of Twan his preciseness in everything he does. 

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