Ubdate Committee

Wouter Bastiaan Dijkstra, Henry Quirke, Jordi Hutten, Rens Huisman, Hannah Berendsen, Carmen de Graaf and Calista O'Brien

Ubdate Committee 2020-2021

Hannah Berendsen (2019) Edtior in Chief / Chair
Jordi Hutten (2018) Deputy Editor in Chief / Vice-chair
Carmen de Graaf (2017) Secretary / Lay-out
Rens Wiebe Huisman (2020) Lay-out
Calista O'Brien (2019) Final Editor
Wouter Bastiaan Dijkstra (2020) Final Editor
Henry Quirke (2019) Final Editor

What is the Ubdate-committee you ask? Only one of THE most creative committees within Ubbo Emmius! If you love being creative and writing about very interesting topics, than the Ubdate-committee is the committee of your dreams. Everything is possible! Writing articles about unknown history is one of the most fun things to do. You get to explore history and inform others about the new things you found. If you’re in charge of the lay-out, you get to have lots of fun with photoshop and create new things. Creating pages to your liking, creativity has no boundaries in the Ubdate-committee. Once you’re done writing and photoshopping, the end result is so satisfying. All your hard work is rewarded once you have a fresh Ubdate in your hands and once you see all the wonderful comments of your association members. It’s one of the nicest experiences you’ll ever have!

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