Ubdate Committee

f.l.t.r.: Taylor de Geus, Jean-Paul Vaarkamp, Eva Mijnders, Jildou Dijkstra, Arjan Kuipers, Else Lolkema, Bas Dijkstra, Alex Sperelakis

Ubdate Committee 2021-2022

Jildou Sanne Dijkstra (2020) Chair / Editor-in-Chief
Jean-Paul Christiaan Vaarkamp (2019) Vice-Chair / Deputy-Editor-in-Chief
Taylor de Geus (2019) Secretary
Alex Sperelakis (2021) Lay-out
Wouter Bastiaan Dijkstra (2020) Lay-out
Eva Mijnders (2021) Final Editor
Else L Lolkema (2021) Final Editor
Arjan Kuipers (2021) Final Editor

Hello dear Ubbo Emmians!

The Ubdate Committee is the redaction of the most creative and intelligent Ubbo Emmians, who know how to make the best association magazine.

I’m Jildou Dijkstra, editor-in-chief, and let me introduce you the rest of the redaction. First, my close partner in process and contact with the board: the one and only Jean-Paul Vaarkamp, the deputy-editor-in-chief.

Taylor de Geus, our much needed secretary, without her, the meetings would be for nothing! Delivering high quality meeting minutes, the redaction is always ub to date with all the necessary information and ready to tackle the To-Do’s!

Now the final editors; Eva Mijnders, sincerely loyal to deadlines and fast in her work, but no decline in quality whatsoever. As a true sparkle, the committee and the Ubdate itself needs her feminine power and the ideas she brings forward.

Johanna Elisabeth Else Lolkema, a shy but genius woman (with a very long name), brings in amazing interesting and creative ideas and solutions. Also an unexpectedly good helper for the lay-outers, due to her experience with InDesign. Furthermore, even if there were bad words to say about her, I wouldn’t, because her father is world champion ‘Highlandgames’ and is huge as hell.

Arjan Kuipers. It’s always fun around him! He is the big optimist of the redaction; always in for another round or shot(je) and will stay until the very end of every party. Beside his massive talent for writing, he is also famous in the television world because of First Dates, which makes him an important connection for us to the big public.

Now of course, without the lay-outers the Ubdate would be nothing. Maybe a practical and logical guy, but will still ask very deep questions. Here I represent Wouter Bastiaan Dijkstra, (call him Bas,) the most experienced of us all since he was also highly selected for the Ubdate last year. Quiet impressive if I may say so.

And now saying the most cliché written words here: last but not least, lay-outer Alex Sperelakis, our critical thinker guy, due to his love for conspiracy theories. Maybe he’s a bit chaotic sometimes, but he cannot be missed.

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