Ubdate Committee

f.l.t.r.: Luuk Kievit, Calista O'Brien, Jochem de Graaf, Else Lolkema, Robin Hevinga, Ismael Zarrouki

Ubdate Committee 2022-2023

Calista O'Brien (2019) Chair / Editor-in-Chief
Ismael Zarrouki (2020) Vice-Chair / Deputy-Editor-in-Chief
Jochem de Graaf (2022) Secretary
Luuk Kievit (2022) -
Else L Lolkema (2021) -
Robin Hevinga (2022) -

The Ubdate Committee is one of the most creative committees within Ubbo Emmius, as you’ll be responsible for writing, editing, producing and publishing 4 magazines throughout the year - and almost anything you want is possible! Members of this committee have complete creative control over the theme, layout and articles published, so if you enjoy writing, editing or playing around with layout programmes then this is the perfect committee for you.

I'm Calista O'Brien and as editor-in-chief, it’s my pleasure to introduce this year’s editorial team.

Starting with my lovely deputy-editor-in-chief: Ismael Zarrouki. Ismael is a dependable vice chair who loves eireball, with a lot of patience for Editoo and InDesign.

Next up is our secretary, and one of the final editors, Jochem de Graaf. Jochem is a lively person, who enjoys high-spirited debates. His minutes also keep us up-to-date on our meetings, and remind us of what we need to do. Our other final editor is Robin Hevinga, who comes up with great ideas for articles, and helps to ensure they're flawless.

Then we have our dynamic layout team: Else Lolkema and Luuk Kievit. Else has a sharp eye for design, and a great taste in music. Luuk is a wealth of knowledge for Byzantine facts, and we learn something new from him every meeting.

Calista O'Brien - Chair

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