Party Committee

f.l.t.r. Fieke Overmaat, Jos de Vries, Madeleine Doornbusch, Tieme Hijlkema, Michelle Robers, Migiel van der Meulen, Jorien Spikman

Party Committee 2023-2024

Madeleine Doornbusch (2022) Chair
Fieke Overmaat (2019) Vice-Chair
Jorien Spikman (2023) Secretary
Migiel van der Meulen (2022) Treasurer
Michelle Robers (2021) PR
Jos de Vries (2023) PR
Tieme Hijlkema (2022) General Member
Ylva Axelsson (2021) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

New committee year, new chances. And when it comes to the Party Committee; new dances! The new FeCo consists of very nice people who certainly know how to throw a party. As a proud chair, I introduce the new FeCo to you!

First of all, our beloved Fieke, everyone's friend to all of Ubbo. What am I supposed to do as a rookie without my vice-chair? Fieke has already attended many FeCo parties, devised, rejected and approved themes, and with this experience she is once again throwing the funniest and craziest themes into the group this year. I don't think the word 'quiet' appears in Fieke's dictionary and the meetings always take the craziest twists because of her stories. Fieke makes everyone laugh, after which you hear Fieke laughing out loudest.

Jorien is our youngest and sweetest committee member. With her job as secretary, she transforms the chaotic meetings into a super-ordered book that is no longer chaotic at all. Everyone always looks forward to the 'secret word' we have to send, which in Jorien's case is always an answer to a crazy quiz question. When we meet at Jorien's, everyone is amazed by her mega vintage room.

Then we have Migiel, our treasurer. With Migiel's eyes focused on the numbers, he ensures that we remain super budget-proof and can end our year with a huge banger. Migiel always feels right at home everywhere. But be careful, before you know it he will immediately take off his shoes and have inspected your entire room down to the bottom. Migiel and of course Fieke make us feel like we are in Friesland at every meeting and the Internetgekkies are also a popular topic of conversation with these two.

Jos is also a plus to the committee. With his creative ideas, he, together with Michelle, the second PR, transforms our great ideas into an even better poster and promo text. Jos is a great music lover, so background music during meetings is a great danger to the committee. We are always super up to date in Jos' life, because he always tells his stories at least four times. Perhaps using a personal penalty point for Jos is a good agenda item.

Together with Jos, Michelle is responsible for the most artistic FeCo posters. Thanks to Michelle's many and super lively stories, the meetings are never boring. We noticed that Michelle also has good cooking skills. I give Michelle's lasagna more stars than Migiel's :)

All in all, a perfect new FeCo, which will make it a festive new Ubbo year!!

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