Party Committee

f.l.t.r.: Kaz van de Nieuwenhof, Thomas Pater, Ilse Eshuis, Jordi Hutten, David Dalhuisen, Noa Talens, Liza van Domselaar

Party Committee 2021-2022

Jordi Hutten (2018) Chair
Thomas Pater (2019) Vice-Chair
Liza van Domselaar (2021) Secretary & PR
Ilse Eshuis (2017) Treasurer
Noa Talens (2021) PR
David Dalhuisen (2021) PR
Kaz van de Nieuwenhof (2018) General Member
Niels van Zanden (2018) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

This year, the Party Committee (Feco) is equipped with a team of as many as seven people! Seven people with an important mission, namely to create 5 fantastic unforgettable parties! But who are these fantastic party animals? Below is a brief explanation of who is who, what their tasks are and what their specialties are within the Feco.


At the head of the Feco we have Jordi Hutten. He is the right leader for the Feco with all his experience in the Feco, other committees and the board at Ubbo. With his strong and firm guidance he shall steer the Feco to many pleasantries and great party’s! Jordi manages all the meetings and he delegates everyone to their tasks. This fair and steady leader brings the committee together and helps organise safe but very bonding social gatherings. He is the beating heart of Feco.


This year's Vice-Chair is Thomas Pater. Just like Jordi, Thomas is not new to the Feco, he was also in it last year. With this amount of experience, he is the ideal Vice-Chair to support the Chair where possible. Besides that, Thomas makes the most delicious Long Island Ice Tea's there are. In addition, Thomas has lost a few times with shut the box, this may or may not be due to cheating of other committee members. I am afraid we will never know the truth about this.


Then we have our Secretary Liza van Domselaar. Liza makes sure that everything that is said or shouted during the meetings is typed down. Liza likes a drink and is therefore the perfect example of a good Feco member. Whenever we go out or have a drink, Liza is always there. I hope this is a quality she will keep for the rest of the year.


Now we come to the Treasurer Ilse Eshuis. She is also called Pils or penniepils. Pils is no newcomer to the Feco, just like Jordi and Thomas. One difference is that this is her second time as Treasurer in the Feco. With her fantastic economic insights, it is her task to make sure that the finances are in order and that we hopefully have built up a nice pilspot by the end of the year. Because we can then buy a keg of beer and make Ubbo Emmians happy with free beer.

PR trio

Then we have our amazing PR trio. All three of them are first year members of Ubbo and doing their first committee. The PR trio makes sure that great posters and texts are made to promote the parties. This fantastic threesome consists of David Dalhuisen, Liza van Domselaar and Noa Talens. Apart from making great posters, David is also a fantastic dancer. He does this especially well on Dire Straits. Liza always sends the most beautiful snaps when it's a bit late at night and later on Noa often sends you an address as a form of invitation for a party she is at. 

General Member

Last but not least our General Member and Brabander Kaz van den Nieuwenhof. With his southern friendliness and roaring voice you can't ignore Kaz. In the beginning we did not really know what task we should give Kaz in the Feco. But we found a solution. Kaz keeps track of the penalty points and he also judges whether they are fair or not. A great task for our fantastic General Member.

This was the Feco in a nutshell and we hope you will come to our parties this year. They are going to be fantastic. We certainly can't wait and we hope you can't either.

With festive greetings,

The Feco  

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