Party Committee

f.l.t.r. Fieke Overmaat, Thomas Pater, Kayleigh van der Waard, Ward Janssen, Nour Iliohan, Daan Breithaupt and Wisse Dekker

Party Committee 2020-2021

Wisse Albert Egbert Dekker (2018) Chair
Kayleigh van der Waard (2017) Vice-chair
Fieke Overmaat (2019) Secretary
Daan Breithaupt (2013) Treasurer
Ward Janssen (2018) PR
Nour Iliohan (2019) PR
Thomas Pater (2019) General Member
Joris van Spijk (2017) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

This year the party committee will, as usual, provide our association with the most majestic parties. Even during this pandemic we will make sure that the members of Ubbo will be able to enjoy their student life by organizing remarkable events. Daan is our treasurer and our most experienced member. His experience ensures that he knows the importance of spending our money in a responsible way. Ward and Nour are our public relations knights in shining armour. Their posters are almost like art and the Groninger Museum even asked them if they could exhibit them. Kayleigh is the vice chair of our committee. The importance of her advice is comparable to the importance of the advice given by the Delphi Oracle in Ancient Greece. The foundation of our committee is of course our secretary Fieke. Her minutes are of the utmost importance to make sure the committee functions at its best. Just like Julius Caesar led his troops across the Rubicon, Wisse will lead this party committee to eternal glory by hopefully hosting the most prodigious parties this year.
We hope to see you all at our Discord disco’s soon!!!

Yours faithfully, 

The Party Committee

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