Party Committee

Party Committee 2022-2023

Verena Hilde Erich (2020) Chair
Glenna Luhrs (2018) Vice-Chair
Sterre Meijer (2022) Secretary
Jelle Dubbeldam (2017) Treasurer
Rens Buit (2020) PR
Elbrich de Jong (2018) PR
Dido Meurs (2022) General Member
Daan de Boer (2020) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

A crowded Pakhuis, lots of shots, good music and creative themes is what makes the Party Committee aka the Feco so special. We, the Feco, have gotten the honor to bring the funniest and most creative themes to life, starting with our first party of the year called U**O’S IN PARIS, which was a great success. These parties could however not come alive without an amazing team.

The chair of this great committee is Verena who brings a lot of creativity and laughter to our committee. Verena always sends the agenda on time with almost always the greetings “heyhey schatjes”. Without our great and enthusiastic chair the committee would not be running so smoothly. So much so that we even changed the name from Feco to Veco in honor of our chair!!

Then we have me, the vice chair, aka Glenna. My role is to support the chair and the committee. But to let it run so smoothly I don’t have a lot of to-do’s (heheh). However, the lack of to-do’s is met with enthusiasm and ‘great’ party speeches fueled by my love for tequila.  

Meetings are usually very talkative and are all noted by our lovely secretary Sterre, the only ‘first-year’ of the committee. She makes sure everything is noted down from important to-do’s to the many ‘strafpuntjes’ during our meetings. Sterre is also always down for a smoke break to the delight of other fellow committee members.

One of these members is our trustworthy treasurer Jelle who keeps track of all our expenses and earnings. Jelle is always in a good mood and brings a lot of creative ideas! Besides this, whenever we finished or arranged something, Jelle’s usual reply is:  ‘zijn we der’, which I find very funny.

Last, but definitely not least, is our amazing PR duo Rens and Elbrich. They are responsible for all the posters and text to promote our parties. With our very own literary master Rens and Elbrich’s Rijksmuseum worthy posters, our PR is always top notch. Besides, this PR duo also  brings a lot of ‘gezelligheid’  to our committee nights with Elbrich’s tasty cooking and Rens’ great humor.

 We hope to see you at the parties!!


The Veco

Glenna Luhrs - Vice-Chair

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