For Companies

GHD Ubbo Emmius is with more than 750 members one of the largest study associations of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Groningen. Our association offers students the opportunity to develop themselves besides their study. With an academic study and a lot of different interests, history students are a very accessible group of young adults.

Through a different kind of activities such as lectures, travels, movie nights, an annual conference, and monthly social drinks, we try to offer a various amount of program to our members.

What can GHD Ubbo Emmius do for your company?

Thanks to our large network and variety of activities, we can offer your company a lot. Through different channels we can put your company in the spotlight with a large group of intellectual students. In an accommodating way we can introduce your company to our members, which gives your company a benefit in comparison to other companies. Furthermore, for our nearly graduating historians at the start of their career, a partnership with GHD Ubbo Emmius can make the difference.

Together with our Commissioner External Affairs, we can offer you a fitting deal. This deal can include direct promotions of our business on the website, social media, or in our newsletter. We can also offer the promotion of vacancies, company visits and other events. We are open to suggestions and are curious how we can benefit from each other.

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