Activity Committee

f.l.t.r. Arjen Wildeman, Ruben Dijkema, Ilse van der Beek, Madison Mundy, Maikel Troost

Activity Committee 2023-2024

Ilse van der Beek (2020) Chair
Madison Mundy (2021) Vice-Chair
Dido Meurs (2022) Secretary
Ruben Dijkema (2021) Treasurer
Arjen Wildeman (2023) PR
Maikel Troost (2021) PR
Thomas Rafael Velthuis (2019) General Member
Bjoke Westra (2023) General Member
Ylva Axelsson (2021) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

The Activity Committee has been a very fun committee as long as I remember, and this year I am very pleased to be the chair of such a wonderful committee. Together with my lovely committee members we will organize fun activities such as Mystery March, Hitchhike Weekend and more. Our committee members are very enthusiastic about this year, and with a wonderful Pub Quiz behind us, all of us are looking forward towards the rest of the year. With all the praise my committee members get one might wonder who are in this committee. So here are all the members of the Accie:

Ilse van der Beek

This year is my fourth year at Ubbo, and I am very excited to be in the Accie. I am 23 years old and I still study history. My job in the committee is to remain in contact with the Board, lead the meetings and try to dish out as many penalty points as possible to my unsuspecting committee members.

Madison Mundy

Madison is originally from the USA, but she has been in the Netherlands for close to three years now. Somewhere along the way, this committee is trying hard to Dutchify our vice-chair, but we have had little success. Maddy is a hard worker, who for some reason hates onions.

Dido van Meurs

Dido is our secretary, and her notes on the meeting are always impeccable. She is also our biggest competitor for most penalty points. She is an avid fan of Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and of course a Dutch classic: “Het Koningslied”. When Dido is at the meeting it is never boring and she has done her very best to overtake the committee playlist.

Ruben Dijkema

I remember Ruben when he first became active at Ubbo in my second year, and the fact that he is a third-year already makes me feel very old. With his experience he is doing a great job with being our treasurer, and back-up secretary! Ruben is one of the sweetest people in our committee and I hope to have a great committee year with him!

Maikel Troost

Maikel is a first year Ubbo Emmian, but a third year history student. He was very excited to start in this committee and we are glad to have him! Maikel is often level-headed and very creative with the PR. Together with Arjen they have wild ideas for posters and I am excited to see what they come up with next!

Arjen Wildeman

As one of the first years, Arjen is the baby of our committee, although he is almost 2 meters tall! He finished his first semester with success. In committee meetings he is not afraid to bring new ideas to the table. Maikel and him make a great combo for the PR! In addition to that he also sounds like Frank Sinatra, and somehow a Frank Sinatra song always plays when Arjen arrives to a meeting.

Thomas Velthuis

This is Thomas his first committee at Ubbo, but he has plenty of experience. Last year he was treasurer of the board of Cover. Thomas brings up good points during the meeting, and with his experiences from last year, he has a lot of know-how for planning activities! He cooks a mean risotto and has a penchant for annoying Ilse!

Bjoke Westra

Bjoke is the newest addition to our committee. She is a first year history student and a first year Ubbo Emmian. In the short time we have known Bjoke we have found out a lot of fun facts about her. One of these facts is that she has won a reading competition for Friesian poetry. To honour this amazing achievement, we have introduced a new agenda point: Bjoke’s Bundel, where she recites one poem for us every week. 

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