Activity Committee

f.l.t.r.: Steven Horlings, Wietse Karst, Veronika Synáková, Kayleigh van der Waard, Calista O'Brien, Ruben van Dijken, Eline van Lienden, Jip van der Zee

Activity Committee 2021-2022

Ruben van Dijken (2020) Chair
Eline van Lienden (2018) Vice-Chair
Calista O'Brien (2019) Secretary
Wietse Luuk Karst (2019) Treasurer
Veronika Synáková (2021) PR
Steven Horlings (2021) PR
Jip van der Zee (2017) PR
Kayleigh van der Waard (2017) General Member
Niels van Zanden (2018) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Hi there!

This year again Ubbo has an amazing Activity Committee that will organise fun events. Gladly I, as a privileged chair of the Accie, will introduce our great committee!

Firstly, I will introduce myself. I am Ruben van Dijken and I am honourably chairing the Activity Committee this year with much pleasure! I am really enjoying my role within the committee and I am very proud to introduce to you my fellow committee members!

I’ll start with our beloved vice-chair Eline van Lienden. Besides she is always a reliable committee member, you can always ask her about the brand-new internet memes. She knows all of them! With her board-experience Eline has always a sharp eye on our organisation.

Secondly, we have our well-experienced secretary Calista O’Brien. Her minutes are always on point! Calista lived at many places around the world, therefore she has always a fun or crazy story to share with us. We love that!

Our treasurer this year is also a well-experienced and trustful Ubbo Emmian. Wietse Karst will keep his eyes on the budget this year. And he always performs his duties with success! Besides Wietse is a really reliable treasurer, his music taste is always great.

Next, I’ll introduce our lovely PR-team consisting of Jip van der Zee, Veronika Synáková and last but not least Steven Horlings. This excellent trio creates always beautiful posters including a lot of creativity! With Jip we have the most experienced Ubbo Emmian in PR on board! Veronika, besides she bakes delicious cakes, also creates amazing PR for the Accie! And then we have Steven of course. This creative young fellow has always useful input for our talented PR-team!

Veronika and Steven both started this year in their first committee. How lucky they were for joining our amazing Accie! :)

Lastly, we have our rock in the sea: Kayleigh van der Waard. Kayleigh collected a lot of Ubbo-experience over the years, something which our committee really reinforces during organizing events! She always comes up with fun and original ideas which emphasizes the great creativity within the Accie!

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