G.H.K. 't Boompje

f.l.t.r. Fieke Overmaat, Jorrit Top, Jelle Dubbeldam, Wietse Karst

G.H.K. 't Boompje Board

Jelle Dubbeldam (2017) -
Wietse Luuk Karst (2019) -
Fieke Overmaat (2019) -
Jorrit Herald Andries Top (2018) -

GHD Ubbo Emmius has a rich history and knows many traditions. For years, Ubbo Emmains have been playing belote, in Dutch known as klaverjas. For quite some time these special evenings were organized by the unofficial 'Groningsch Historisch Klaverjasgenootschap' (Groningen Historical Belote Society). The unprecedented enthusiasm with which these evenings were received longed for something more. During the Half Yearly GMA of 2019, the society was officially incorporated into the association. The ‘Groningsche Historische Klaverjastak ’t Boompje’ was born.

The Klaverjastak is led by a board consisting of members of the association. This board appoints its own successors, in order to ensure the continuation of the Klaverjastak. Naturally, the activities organized by the Klaverjastak are open to all Ubbo members.

Questions? Remarks? Suggestions? For correspondence you can reach us at the following email address: ghktboompje@gmail.com.

These are the date for the next klaverjas evenings:

  • 19th of October
  • 14th of December
  • 5th of March
  • 30th of May

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