First-year Committee

f.l.t.r.: Elles Kooistra, Lieke Oude Wesselink, Sascha Hoogeveen, Anne Nijmeijer, Weier Visser, Eva Mijnders, Fae Swart

First-year Committee 2022-2023

Elles Mariëlle Kooistra (2021) Chair
Lieke Oude Wesselink (2021) Vice-Chair
Eva Mijnders (2021) Secretary
Weier Visser (2017) Treasurer
Anne Nijmeijer (2018) PR
Sascha Hoogeveen (2021) PR
Fae Swart (2022) PR
Daan de Boer (2020) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

As chair of the First-year Committee, I (Elles) would like you all to meet my lovely committee members and give you a little sneak-peek into what we are doing as a committee!

We’ll start with Fae, she is one of our three PR’s and the only actual first-year student. She makes sure we all know that what we are doing at the committee meetings is useful (nuttig)!

Then over to our second PR, Sascha. Unfortunately, Sascha isn’t a history student anymore, but we couldn’t miss her creative and energetic energy in our committee!

Then Anne, our last PR. Eventhough he is still finishing his thesis, he always makes us laugh during meetings.

One member who certainly cannot be forgotten is Weier, one of our FYC-experts. Weier is our treasurer. He makes sure you will all have a lovely dinner and late-night snack at the upcoming Committee-Weekend and also at the First-Years Camp.

Then Eva, our secretary. She makes sure that everybody reads the minutes and knows what to do before our next meeting!

Last but not least is Lieke, also an FYC-expert because this is the second time in a row that she’s in de FYC. She is the vice-chair and essential because of her experience and her fun ideas.

Together we are preparing for the Committee-Weekend, which is going very well! We have a lovely location and a creative theme that we hope you all will like! Currently we are busy preparing the final things to be able to all enjoy this fun weekend. After the Committee-Weekend in Appelscha, we will focus on the First-year camp to welcome the new history students!

Elles Kooistra​​​​​​​ - Chair

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