First-year Committee

f.l.t.r. Ruben van Dijken, Verena Erich, Wietse Karst, Ilse Wolff, Jip van der Zee and Jorrit Top

First-year Committee 2020-2021

Ilse Wolff (2019) Chair
Jorrit Top (2018) Vice-chair
Verena Erich (2020) Secretary
Wietse Luuk Karst (2019) Treasurer
Jip van der Zee (2017) PR
Ruben van Dijken (2020) PR
Joris van Spijk (2017) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

The First Year Committee is responsible for organizing two very nice events in one year. First, we are busy organizing the committee weekend, a very pleasant weekend in which (almost) all active members participate. Secondly, we organize the First Year Camp, the weekend in which the new history students get the opportunity to get to know each other.

As Chair of the First Year Committee, I, Ilse Wolff, am responsible for making the agendas for the meeting. In addition, I am the person who must ensure that the activities are arranged properly and on time. With this responsibility also comes good contact with the board.

Vice-chair of the First Year Committee, Jorrit Top, has the fine task of supporting Chair Ilse. Due to the fact that he does not really have a job, he helps everyone where necessary.

Verena is our Secretary and is active at Ubbo for the first time this year. As Secretary of the group, it is her job to record all the pleasant conversations of our nice committee members.

This year Wietse Karst is the Treasurer of the Committee. He is concerned with the budget of our committee, by keeping a balance. In this way he ensures that the camp and the commission weekend can be paid and that we as a committee do not end up in red numbers.

Ruben van Dijken and Jip van der Zee are this year's PR of the committee. Together they are responsible for promoting both weekends to the members. Ruben as a freshman and Jip as a senior with PR experience are a great duo when it comes to coming up with creative ideas for the poster and the promotional video.

We are looking forward to an amazing year and two very nice weekends!

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