First-year Committee

f.l.t.r. Steven Horlings, Alex de Jonge, Sascha Hoogeveen, Roward Huizing, Rens Buit, Quint Roemaat

First-year Committee 2023-2024

Sascha Hoogeveen (2021) Chair
Alex de Jonge (2021) Vice-Chair
Simon Daniël Prins (2021) Secretary
Steven Horlings (2021) Treasurer
Rens Buit (2020) PR
Quint Roemaat (2022) PR
Ylva Axelsson (2021) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

I’m proud to introduce to you the First-year Committee! We organise two nice weekends, the Committee Weekend and the First-years Camp. Me, Sascha, a second year member of the First-year Committee and this year the Chair, am accompanied by five nice guys.

First up we have the Vice-Chair Alex. With problems about electronics you have to go to him. After all, Alex works at Coolblue, which is also pretty much his whole identity. In fact, he likes to let you hear the Coolblue's number, and at every commercial he even takes the trouble to quickly walk over to the television to point out that that is Coolblue.

Secondly we have Simon, our Secretary. Even though he didn’t want to do a committee in the first place, we managed to persuade him for the second round of committee applications to be a part of our committee. He thought we were gezellig enough to become an active member after all.

As third we have Steven. He is our Treasurer and thus keeps himself well occupied with the pennies we spend for the weekends we organize. Also, Steven is very handy for frying on Committee Weekend and First-years Camp. After all, he is a professional snack bar worker.

As our fourth member, we have Rens, a PR, who is famous for his “Buit productions.” Productions you can know him of are “The Lion King” and “A Christmas Carol”, but his latest production is our announcement video for the Committee Weekend, what must have been one of his best productions.

Last but not least is Quint, also a PR. You don’t have to be scared that you don’t hear him. Quint can scream loudly as he has shown at the small trip to Liège. To quote him “HELPP!!!”.

To end, just to introduce myself. As Chair of a committee at a history association, you would expect me to study the same, but no, I stuck around and am now studying Media Studies. This coincided better with my interests in movies.

Hey, movies while we're on the subject. This, of course, is also the theme of the committee weekend!

We as a committee hope to plan two extremely great weekends this year. And hope to see you at least at one of them.

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