Acquisition Committee

Acquisition Committee 2022-2023

Bibian van Dijk (2020) Chair
Ilse Wolff (2019) Vice-Chair
Florine Jellema (2021) Secretary
Ilse van der Beek (2020) Treasurer
Niels van Zanden (2018) PR
Bo Zuidberg (2021) PR

We are the Acquisition Committee! The acquisition committee is responsible for supporting the Commissioner of External Affairs. This is done by going along on the acquisition walk and by thinking of fun promotions like the Ub-Ball and the hangover breakfast!

This year the chair of the Acquisition Committee is Bibian van Dijk, if she were an animal she would be a neurotic meerkat. But more importantly is the rest of the committee of course. As vice-chair we have Ilse Wolff; previous commissioner of External Affairs. If she were an animal, she would be a howler monkey: she is loud but cute. Next up is Florine who is our secretary, she makes sure all of our ideas are written down. If she were an animal she would be a golden retriever: if she is not around people she becomes very sad. Then there is Ilse van der Beek, our treasurer who checks if we can afford our actions. She would be a Magpie, because she likes shiny things. Very fitting for a treasurer. Then last but not least our PR duo: Bo and Niels. If Bo were an animal he would be a carrier pidgeon, he thrives around people and has no sense of danger. Niels would be an applebear, because he likes apples. Nobody knows what an applebear is however.

Bibian van Dijk​​​​​​​ - Chair

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