Acquisition Committee

f.l.t.r. Theunis Holthuis, Jorrit Top, Ilse Eshuis, Elvira Ambrosius and Ward Janssen

Acquisition Committee 2020-2021

Ilse Eshuis (2017) Chair
Ward Janssen (2018) Vice-chair
Rick Robijn (2020) Secretary
Theunis Holthuis (2017) Treasurer
Elvira Ambrosius (2016) General Member
Jorrit Top (2018) General Member

The acquisitioncommittee is the most fun committee of Ubbo! This committee helps the Commissioner of External Affairs to try and recruit new partners and sponsors. Also, the committee thinks of fun actions, deals, discounts et cetera to help and extend your Members Card! Every year, we go by several shops in Groningen to acquire new sponsors and partnerships. To raise money, we also host a book market every year! We sell all kinds of books at cafĂ© De Sleutel. Last year, the committee made your committee weekend even more fun by coming up with and selling the special valentineshots! This year, you will certainly hear from their new ideas!

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