The Ubbohok

What is the Ubbohok?

The hok is Ubbo's very own room in the university. In the hok there is always something going on. The board can often be found working or meeting here, every day there is a hokuur with free coffee and fun and in the hok all the property of the association is stored.

What is Hokuur?

Hokuur is every business day from 11 am till 1 pm. That means that during these two hours the hok is open to all members and that a board member will be present to supply you with coffee and good conversation. During hokuur you can also fill in your declarations, buy merchandise or ask all your burning Ubbo-related questions.

Where is the Ubbohok?

The hok can be found in the building of the law faculty, just next to the Harmoniecomplex. When you enter the building you walk right ahead until you can go left. On the wall, you will find a sign which says 'studieverenigingen'. After you've taken a left you will find a very steep staircase to your right. Above you, there will be a sign that says 'GHD Ubbo Emmius.' Please go up the stairs. Once you are upstairs you will enter the third door on your left. The door will have Ubbo poster plastered all over it. Congratulations! You have found the Ubbo hok!​​

Route naar het hok (nr1)
The law faculty building
Route naar het hok (nr2)
The first hall, at the end of the hall you take a left
Route naar het hok (nr3)
The steep staircase
Route naar het hok (nr4)
The last hallway, take the third door to your left

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