Board Mekkering (2021-2022)


Board Mekkering (2021-2022)

Ruben Mekkering (2018) Chair
Jorrit Herald Andries Top (2018) Treasurer
Ilse Wolff (2019) Commissioner of External Affairs / Vice-Chair
Niels van Zanden (2018) Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Jean-Paul Christiaan Vaarkamp (2019) Commissioner of Public Relations / Secretary

Ruben Mekkering – Chair

Hi everyone! I’m Ruben and I am the Chair of Ubbo for 2021-2022. At the moment I’m mostly finishing one second year and some third year courses, although I’m in my fourth year of the history programme.

As the chair, I have some tasks that I do on a regular basis. I make the agendas for our board meetings, which I lead as well. During these meeting we discuss our policy, events and a lot more! Besides being in the board I’m also the chair of the International Committee and the chair of the ACT-Committee. With the International Committee we keep an eye out for the process of internationalization within Ubbo. With the ACT-Committee we organize events where members can get in touch with theatre.

As the chair I also keep in touch with the History programme of the University Groningen. This means I have meetings with the study advisors or the programme coordinator, for example. During these meetings we discuss how the programme can help Ubbo and also how Ubbo can help the programme. For example, Ubbo is also included in the organisation of the open days of the University or the One Day Student event. 

Furthermore, I lead our General Members Assemblies. These assemblies happen a couple of times during the year. At these assemblies, all Ubbo members can give tips or ask questions about how the association is doing. 

So, in short, I won’t have to be bored this year! I hope I gave you some insight in my job as the chair of Ubbo. I also hope I get to see you again in person soon! 


Jean-Paul Vaarkamp - Secretary

This year, the position of secretary has been divided between the five of us after the department of our last secretary. I will carry the function and name of the secretary, but the tasks will be divided between all of the five board members. Ruben will take part in the Archive Committee as a General Member, Jorrit will keep account of the members administration, Niels will control the mail and take the Conference Committee under his wing as it becomes an internal committee, and I, Jean-Paul, will take the minutes at the GMA's and the board meetings. 

Jorrit Top - Treasurer

Hello there, my name is Jorrit Top and I will be the treasurer of GHD Ubbo Emmius this year. I'm 21 years old and I come from the beautiful village Bedum, close to Groningen. I'm looking forward to attend all the Ubbo activities and have a lot of fun with my fellow Ubbo Emmians. My Hobbies are drinking a beer sometimes, hanging out with friend and cycling. I also have the weird thing that I love re watching movies that I’ve watched a dozen of times. Especially Schindler’s list is a movie that I really like to watch.

As the treasurer I have the nice responsibility to keep track of all the financial things that happen within Ubbo. I collect the yearly contribution, collect the monthly activities and I’m the person who sends you all the nice tikkies! Besides collecting money I also spend the money of Ubbo. I do this with my ABN Amro e-dentifier and debit card in hand! Next to being busy with money I also do the bookkeeping and I have the responsibilities of a board member. That means I will participate in all the nice activities that Ubbo organizes!                                               

Besides my function as a board member I will also take place in the Travel Committee as Vice-Chair. With this committee we will organise two nice trips. The big trip that will take place in April. This big trip is one week long. The other trip is the small trip which is one weekend somewhere in November. Besides these nice trips and the normal Ubbo activities, I am very much looking forward to the lustrum that will take place in November and December. It is an honour and a true pleasure for me to be part of this 85th and 17th lustrum board. I hopefully will also spend a lot of time at the Hok and I’m looking forward to meet you at one of the daily hok hours from 11-13!


Ilse Wolff – Commissioner of External Affairs

Hi everyone! My name is Ilse Wolff and this year I am lucky enough to fill the position of Commissioner of External Affairs within the 85th and 17th lustrum board of our beautiful association GHD Ubbo Emmius. I am looking forward to a year full of activities, the lustrum and of course all the tasks and responsibilities that come with my position.

As the Commissioner of External Affairs, I am responsible for many things that members do not immediately think of, but that do make life as a student and within the association a bit easier or more fun. For example, I am always looking for new sponsors or partners who can be linked to the membership card. An incredibly fun task because who wouldn't want a discount at your favourite restaurant or store. Besides providing nice discounts for the members, I am also busy providing some extra income for the association. I do this together with the Acquisition Committee. The nice thing about this task is that the committee and I meet with all kinds of entrepreneurs in Groningen. When we close a deal with them, I often meet the new partners later for an evaluation while enjoying a cup of coffee.

In addition to the Acquisition Committee, I will also be a member of the Career Committee next year. For me a fun challenge to brainstorm about career opportunities for myself but of course also for you. I am very happy to actively participate in these two wonderful committees next year, next to the board. In addition to these two committees within Ubbo Emmius, I will also participate in two committees outside the association next year. I have the honour to organize this year's Galant Gala together with other associations in Groningen. I'm really looking forward to this, because I always think the Galant Gala is a very exciting event. In addition to the Galant Gala, I will organize the SGN day in the coming year and therefore also participate in this committee. The purpose of the SGN day is to discover other cities where people study history and to get to know other history students while enjoying some food and drinks.

In short, I'm really looking forward to meeting new people, whether these are students or (new) partners. I am also looking forward to all the fun events, activities and the lustrum that will take place in November. Together with the entire Board Mekkering, I am convinced that it will be a great year and I am very excited to fulfill the position of Commissioner Of External Affairs of GHD Ubbo Emmius.


Niels van Zanden – Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Hey peeps! My name is Niels, I am a 22 year old and this is my fourth year of studying History. Next to studying I enjoy playing football and tennis. This year I will fulfil the function of Commissioner of Internal Affairs at GHD Ubbo Emmius. With this function you are working together with 8 different committees, all these committees have very different activities and projects. Some of these projects are; the creation of the Almanac, organising the Hitchhike-weekend, Committee-Weekend, the First Years Camp, the Zwemfest Festival, lectures, movie-nights, exam trainings and parties! As the Intern, you will deal with a lot of different issues and struggles. It is important for the Intern to use its communication and organisational skills.

My daily duties include a lot of different tasks. The most important task is to keep in touch with all the different committees and their members. For my function it is very important to read all the messages you get and of course the minutes and agendas. Next to this it is important to join committee meetings once in a while. These tasks makes my function really enjoyable and nice.

My function as Commissioner of Internal Affairs, is the function that never leaves my bored. It is in my opinion the function that is the most social, dynamic and exiting!


Jean-Paul Vaarkamp – Commissioner of Public Relations

Hello everyone! My name is Jean-Paul Vaarkamp and I’m your Commissioner of Public Relations for the year 2021-2022. A position I’m very happy with, because it’s the best position within the board!

As Commissioner of Public Relations I’m responsible for the appearance of Ubbo on the different social media and website. Maybe you have already noticed the beautiful Ubbo posters all over your feed on the Ubbo App, Instagram or Facebook! Besides informing you about the events through the social media, I also write the monthly newsletter. In the newsletter I notify everyone about the coming events that month, but also the top of the leaderboard of the committee points competition. However, this year there’s an extra column in the newsletter: Ubbo’s Home Kitchen! Every month a new recipe will be published that everyone can cook. If you send in a photo of your recreation, you even have a chance to be mentioned in the next newsletter!

Like previous years, as Commissioner of Public Relations will take part in the Ubdate Committee as Vice-Chair. Together with my wonderful committee we will write very interesting and nice articles throughout the year. I also fill in the role of Chair of the Media Committee. They mostly act as my support committee. This means that they help me with making pictures and aftermovies of the multiple activities throughout the year.

I’m very much looking forward to the coming lustrum year. I hope that all of you will enjoy it as much as I will! See ya at one of the hok hours during the week!


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