Board Dorenbos (2020-2021)

Bestuurfoto Dorenbos (2020-2021)
f.l.t.r. Elbrich de Jong, Ilse Eshuis, Marc Dorenbos, Jordi Hutten, Eline van Lienden and Joris van Spijk

Board Dorenbos (2020-2021)

Marc Dorenbos (2017) Chair
Elbrich de Jong (2018) Secretary
Eline van Lienden (2018) Treasurer
Ilse Eshuis (2017) Commissioner of External Affairs
Joris van Spijk (2017) Commissioner of Internal Affairs / Vice-chair
Jordi Hutten (2018) Commissioner of Public Relations

Marc Dorenbos - Chair

Hey there! My name is Marc. I’m a fourth year History student and this year I have the honour of being the chair of Ubbo. 

As the chair, I have some tasks that I do on a regular basis. I make the agendas for our board meetings, which I lead as well. During these meeting we discuss our policy, events and a lot more! Unfortunately, these meetings happen online a lot because of corona. This means I also have the very responsible tasks of setting up Google Meets. Besides being in the board I’m also the chair of the international committee and the vice-chair of the career committee. With the international committee we keep an eye out for the process of internationalization within Ubbo. With the career committee we organize events where Ubbo members can look into their career opportunities. This year, I’m also in the sustainability workgroup pilot. This group tries to help with the process of sustainability happening within Ubbo. 

As the chair I also keep in touch with the History programme of the University Groningen. This means I have meetings with the study advisors or the programme coordinator, for example. During these meetings we discuss how the programme can help Ubbo and also how Ubbo can help the programme. For example, Ubbo is also included during the open days of the University or the One Day Student event. 

Furthermore, I lead our General Members Assemblies. These assemblies happen a couple of times during the year. During these assemblies, all Ubbo members can give tips or ask questions about how the association is doing. 

So, in short, I won’t have to be bored this year! I hope I gave you some insight in my job as the chair of Ubbo. I also hope I get to see you again in person soon! 

Elbrich de Jong - Secretary

Hello! My name is Elbrich de Jong and this year I am the secretary of GHD Ubbo Emmius. This means that I am mainly busy with taking minutes for the board meetings, keeping up the member administration and the contact with the friends and reunites of Ubbo. Apart from that, a big task of mine is the responsibility of the mailbox. Every day we get a lot of emails that I, as secretary, answer or label. Normally I would also go to the Harmonie building every day to pick up the mail on the fifth floor, but this is not possible this year. I also keep myself busy with book sales and I make the "Ter Inzage Map'' (TIM) for all the GMAs this year. This means that I ask the chair of the committees and the board members for their report. I also make the minutes for the GMA.These are published in all TIMs.

Apart from the board tasks, I also participate in two committees. Firstly, I am the chair of the archives committee.  This year we organised a beer tasting in December. That was a great success. Now we are mainly busy with expanding the Ubbo history on the website, and we also write a piece for the Ubdate. I am also taking part in the congress committee this year. The annual congress will take place on 25 June in the NNT. The theme is "THe Long Century of Transformation, from Nation-State to a Federative Europe? (1848-Present).” A day of lectures and workshops will provide information about the unification of Europe through the years. Save the date!

So far I'm really enjoying my board year! Though I hope to see you fellow Ubbo Emmians physically again soon!

Eline van Lienden - Treasurer 

Hi! My name is Eline and this year I have the honor of being the treasurer of the 84th board of GHD Ubbo Emmius. In my previous committee’s I was the secretary and chair, so being treasurer of the board is definitely a new, but fun, challenge for me!

In short, as treasurer I am responsible for all the finances of the association. This is a very important task, of course! With the Ubbo debit card I make sure I pay all the invoices in time to keep the associations running smoothly and make sure we stay out of trouble. Next to this, I oversee the finances of all the committees. I do this by checking the committee budget’s regularly and keeping in contact with the treasurer’s within all the committee’s. Whenever the committees have expenses, it can be declared to me and I make sure everything is paid. The financial bookkeeping also falls in my range of tasks. I do this both online, but also in my three beautiful folders. I make sure this is as up to date as possible. Every once in a while the bookkeeping is checked by the audit committee, who makes sure everything goes according to the rules and that I don’t run off with all of the money. For the GMA’s I make sure that there is a new complete financial overview, so all of the Ubbo members can get a sense of how Ubbo is doing financially.

This year I am also the vice-chair of the Travelcommittee. With my committee members I will organize two trips. One week in the beginning of July and one long weekend in November.  We already announced that we will be going to Vienna and Prague and we really hope we can go this summer. However, we do have a nice backup plan in store for you!

I hope I have been able to shed some light on what it's like to be the treasurer of the board. It is a very important and rewarding job to have and there is always plenty to do! 

Ilse Eshuis - Commissioner of External Affairs

Hi! My name is Ilse! This year, I’ll be the Commissioner of External Affairs of Ubbo! It may seem like my duties are all taking place outside our association, but actually I’m always busy trying to make the student life of Ubbo Emmians more enjoyable!

As Commissioner of External Affairs, I am the representative to the outside world. I will try to get in touch with external partners, such as restaurants, bars, bicycle shops, printing houses and costume shops to make sure you can afford your expensive student life. I’m doing this by arranging deals and discounts that you can benefit from with your Ubbo Member Card. Also, I’ll make sure you can always enjoy our monthly drink at ‘t Gat van Groningen! Besides these activities, I’m also in charge of the financial acquisition to raise some extra money for Ubbo. This would bring me all over Groningen to drink coffee with the most enthusiastic shop owners, but right now I use Google Meet to try to convince them how great Ubbo is and why they should be our new partner. The lovely acquisition committee helps me in this process. Together we brainstorm, walk by shops to find some good deals and think of funny actions or activities to organise in order to raise even more money!

Besides these tasks I also have a monthly chat with my colleagues from history associations all over the Netherlands (Studenten Geschiedenis Nederland) and I organise the Galant Gala. Together with SGN, I organise the SGN day! The purpose of this day is to explore one of the cities where one association is located, to bond with other history students and share our historical passion over a dinner and drinks. Together with other study associations in Groningen I organise the Galant Gala. It is an annual gala that is one of the biggest parties you’ll visit every year! My function usually also entails having a lot of contact with other boards, and getting closer to them!

Now you know what I do on a daily basis. There are always plenty of tasks for me to do, small and big ones. Of course I also have tasks that have to do with the day-to-day management of our great association. All these things make being Commissioner of External Relations fun and there never is a boring day in my life!

Joris van Spijk - Commissioner of Internal Affairs 

Hi everyone whom it may concern! My name is Joris, fourth-year history student, and this academic year I am the commissioner of internal affairs at GHD Ubbo Emmius. In this function you take place in nine different committees. This means that you occasionally join meetings and that you think along with the committees about all kinds of different projects. All these very various projects make this job very dynamic and varied. For example, you will be involved in the creation of the almanac, organising the committee weekend, the first-year camp, parties, general activities, lectures, film evenings, exam trainings, the Zwemfest festival and the Grote Letteren Toneel. As an intern, you will be dealing with a lot of different issues and therefore much is asked of your flexibility and communication and organisational skills.

My daily duties include a number of different tasks. The most important one is to stay as well informed as possible about all matters that concern your committee. That is why I read all the minutes and agendas of my committees, keep close contact with the committee chairmen and attend meetings. As an intern, you are therefore at the centre of the association and, even in this home working period, you are in daily contact with a large number of members. This also makes the position of Internal Commissioner one of the most enjoyable!

All in all, the Internal Commissioner is one of the most dynamic (and sociable) positions and I am therefore never bored, despite sitting at home so much: never a dull moment

Jordi Hutten - Commissioner of Public Relations

Hello fellow Ubbo Emmians! My name is Jordi Hutten and this year I am the Commissioner of Public Relations. As Commissioner of Public Relations I am responsible for all social media of Ubbo. This means that the messages you see appearing on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, the Ubbo Members App and on the website are done by me. Besides that, I also write the monthly newsletter, so you know what's going on within Ubbo and what the state of the committee points system is.  

In a normal year you can always recognise the Commissioner Public Relations by the canary yellow Nikon camera with which I take pictures of everyone at an Ubbo event. Afterwards I place these pictures on the website and on the Ubbo Members App.

As Commissioner of Public Relations you are in close contact with the committee PR’s, it's a function that really takes place in the heart of the association. I make sure that the committee PR’s know their deadlines for the posters and texts they have to make and if there are any problems, then I help them resolve it . I also make posters for board activities and for the monthly posters, which I make with Adobe InDesign.

As Public Relations Commissioner, I am also on two committees namely the Media Committee and the Ubdate Committee. I am the chair of the Media Committee. This committee helps you with all kinds of tasks you have as Commissioner Public Relations. For example, they can help you with technical difficulties or help you make aftermovies after a big event such as the Big Trip. This year, we optimised the English website with the Media Committee. You can use the Media Committee in any way you want. I am also the Deputy Editor in Chief of the Ubdate Committee. With this committee we make four beautiful Ubdates a year with a lot of interesting articles.

As you can see, there is always plenty to do as Commissioner of Public Relations. You are at the centre of the association and no day is the same. You always have enough fun things to do as Commissioner of Public Relations. I hope you get some insight into what I do for Ubbo.

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