Study Committee

f.l.t.r. Rutger van Dijk, Reinder Klinkhamer, Rik Coopman, Bram Klaver, Hanneke de Boer and Freerk Weening

Study Committee 2020-2021

Bram Klaver (2018) Chair
Reinder Klinkhamer (2016) Vice-chair
Freerk Weening (2019) Secretary
Rik Coopman (2019) Treasurer
Rutger van Dijk (2018) PR
Hanneke de Boer (2018) PR
Joris van Spijk (2017) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

“The stuco is the cork on which Ubbo floats” ( Rutger v. Dijk, 2019)

We’re the Study Committee, we organise the exam training sessions and the Rhetorica workshop. If you have questions about the study or about the exams you can come to us. We consist of six people. Hanneke and Rutger are our PR super team. They will continue the tradition of making memes, which started last year. Then we have Rik, he supervises our huge and I mean really huge budget. He keeps an eye on our expenses through the year, making sure we don’t spend too much. Freerk is our secretary, or as we call it our monk. He keeps minutes of our meetings, not with a laptop. No No Freerk is old school en writes the minutes by hand. As our vice-chair we have Reinder, he assists me when I need it and he is our Punktenführer, don’t ask what that is. At last there is me, Bram, I keep this ‘Bende van Ellende’ together and got to write this text!

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