Study Committee

f.l.t.r. Maurice Blaauw, Samuël Kruk, Phaedra Krol, Calista O'Brien, Hannah Berendsen, Madison Mundy

Study Committee 2022-2023

Maurice Blaauw (2019) Chair
Hannah Berendsen (2019) Vice-Chair
Calista O'Brien (2019) Secretary
Phaedra Krol (2021) Treasurer
Samuël Seaghán Kruk (2021) PR
Madison Mundy (2021) PR
Daan de Boer (2020) Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Koen Harmsma (2018) General Member

Dear inquisitive, sometimes drunk Ubbo Emmians,

I, Maurice Blaauw, am the current Chair of this year’s renowned, notorious StuCo ‘22 - ‘23 (Study Committee). Just like every other year, the StuCo provides exam training and other educational activities within the study association. I do this together with the lovely Hannah (Vice-Chair), who checks me and makes additions if needed. Our meetings are well archived and minuted by Calista (She is our ‘punktenführer’ as well), while Samuël and Madison handle the memes (uhhh PR). Even though it’s not the most important task in this particular committee, Phaedra oversees our checks and balances (but we have no expenses or income XD), and is packed with ideas .     

    This year the StuCo is trying to expand its range of tasks. Although the plans are still being made, we can reveal that we want to do something with summaries and that we also want to be available outside the exam periods (Forum StuCo?). Although there was little enthusiasm for the StuCo (in terms of members) this year, we’re all trying to make the best out of it! After all, the StuCo is the most important committee within Ubbo [WITHOUT ANY DOUBT]; how else do you finish your studies?

Kind regards,

StuCo ‘22 - ‘23

Maurice Blaauw - Chair

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