Study Committee

f.l.t.r.: Freerk Weening, Bram Klaver, Carmen de Graaf, Rik Coopman, Hannah Berendsen, Maurice Blaauw, Nick Arndt

Study Committee 2021-2022

Rik Coopman (2019) Chair
Bram Klaver (2018) Vice-Chair
Hannah Berendsen (2019) Secretary
Carmen de Graaf (2017) Treasurer
Freerk Weening (2019) PR
Maurice Blaauw (2019) PR
Nick Moritz Arndt (2020) PR
Niels van Zanden (2018) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

"Hey all,

We together are this year's most crucial committee of Ubbo, namely the study committee. As a study committee, the main task is to prepare and organise the exam training for all students of Ubbo! This way, we help you through the demanding and exhausting exam periods. Every year, we also organise a rhetoric workshop with Rik Peters which is very cool to participate in (Freerk, Bram, and I speak from experience here). 

Who are we all? We start with our PR-troika consisting of Freerk, Maurice, and Nick. These meme makers, our jokers, are essential to inform you of the training sessions with their creative posters. Then we have Carmen who is in charge of our enormous budget. She sometimes spends days with her nose in our cash books. Next is Hannah who takes care of our minutes. Besides the serious matters we discuss, she unfortunately also has to write down Maurice's silly jokes. But she enjoys writing everything down! For this year, we also have a Stuco veteran, namely Bram, who has three years of experience. This old guy has gotten a quieter role as vice-chairman, but he is my reliable right-hand as he provides me with useful advice. And last but not least, I serve as chairman of the beautiful Stuco, with my main task: to keep this train on the right track. That often goes well, but it's not always easy.


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