Conference Committee

f.l.t.r.: Sil Molenaar, Laurens van Oene, Luca Schmit, Kevin Valke, Martijn Weening, Ylva Axelsson

Conference Committee 2022-2023

Ylva Axelsson (2021) Chair
Kevin Valke (2020) Vice-Chair
Laurens Matthias van Oene (2019) Secretary
Luca Schmit (2022) Treasurer
Martijn Thom Weening (2022) PR
Sil Molenaar (2022) PR
Sjoerd Visser (2020) General Member

Though we cannot reveal this year’s theme quite yet, the Conference Committee has, once again, been entrusted with the noble task of organizing Ubbo’s historical conference. We are hard at work planning a day full of inspiring lectures and exciting workshops, centered on a topic that is both, and it will be open to both Ubbo Emmians and external visitors. But, as the old saying goes: work hard, play hard. And, in our additional role as the self-styled Wine Committee of Ubbo, our committee has struck that perfect balance.

So, like a sommelier guiding you through the various flavors and aromas that come together to create the perfect vintage, allow me to introduce this year’s Conference Committee:

Our trusted PR-duo is in charge of the conference’s external image and advertising this very exciting event through posters, videos, and any other promotional materials that their creative minds are busy creating. Sil, who proves that it really is possible to age like a fine wine, provides us with wisdom, inspiration and, very importantly, an electric bottle opener. Martijn is perhaps best known for contributing a steady supply of quotes that can go in our groupchat but not our GMA pieces, but he has also mastered the art of knowing when to come (back) to T’Gat for the perfect committee photo.

As the committee’s favorite number-cruncher and designated treasure, Luca is defying his Swiss heritage and keeping our budget impeccable. He could be trusted with anyone’s taxes or critical theories, but maybe not their bikes after a night out. Our secretary Laurens knows that the key to enjoying any good wine is even better food, and he has perfected the recipe for the best minutes and three-course meals in Ubbo. As the housemate of the previous secretary of the Conference Committee, he is living proof that sometimes, nepotism babies really are just better than everyone else.

But where would any of us be without our chief connoisseur, occasional board representative and full-time vice-chair Kamala Harris (sometimes also known as Kevin)? There is no task too complicated, announcements section too long, or walking distance too daunting for this Ubbo headliner. And the proud owner of the arm to this right (and often also left) hand is Ylva, the committee chair. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, but it is made much lighter by the grand titles, that are sometimes even serious, bestowed upon her by the committee.

So, in conclusion, maybe the real conference was the good memories we made along the way - but luckily for the rest of you, this Conference Committee is looking forward to including you in both!

Ylva Axelsson - Chair

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