Conference Committee

f.l.t.r. Judith Albers, Eva Mijnders, Daan Mekel, Ronja Groenewolt, Anna Ekema, Dante Wehkamp

Conference Committee 2023-2024

Daan Mekel (2021) Chair
Eva Renée Mijnders (2021) Vice-Chair
Jochem de Graaf (2022) Secretary
Ronja Groenewolt (2021) Treasurer
Dante Wehkamp (2023) PR
Judith Albers (2021) PR
Anna Ekema (2021) General Member

The Conference Committee is entrusted and privileged to organise the annual historical conference
for Ubbo, a day which everyone, especially us, greatly anticipates. At this moment, we are still
working on organising a day full of lectures, workshops, and fun antics. This all is to be centred
around a theme which is yet to be revealed to you, but about which we are very excited!

In addition to organising the conference, we also cosplay part-time as the Crochet and Knitting
Committee, with our amazing general member Anna and PR Judith working hard to make sure we
enjoy wool to its fullest potential. A message we should all take to heart.

We hope to see you on June 14th ! – The Conference Committee

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