f.l.t.r. Luca Schmit, Ruben Mekkering

ACT-Committee 2023-2024

Luca Schmit (2022) Chair
Ylva Axelsson (2021) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

The ACT (Arts Cooperation Theatre)-Committee is rather unique within our association. Established in order to foster and encourage theatre within the Faculty of Arts as a whole, we are composed of multiple study associations; Ubbo, IK, Esperia and Commotie. In practical terms, throughout the year we undertake activities such as a Theatre Workshop, which was a tremendous success, and which is followed up by auditions and rehearsals for a theatre performance done by students of the Faculty of Arts.

What makes the ACT-Committee so incredible is not only the fact that it requires cooperation and teamwork from various study associations but also that our activities are open to any student in the faculty regardless of prior experience or skill in theatre. Therefore the ACT-Committee is delightfully relaxed during its activities and is able to connect people from all across the faculty around a shared interest and curiosity of theatre; allowing some people who never would’ve dared to perform a chance to do so.

Although currently I am the only Ubbo member within the ACT-Committee, serving as our very stressed out chair, I am constantly aided and supported by an amazing set of people. Our often confusingly setup finances are wonderfully managed by Justine (IK). Meanwhile, the stylish art is done by none other than our PR Daria (Commotie). However, we would be nothing without the carefully yet expertly typed out minutes of our Secretary Zdenka (Esperia) which allows us to get a head around all the awesome things we plan and do.

Last but absolutely not least is our unbelievably incredible Directors-Assistant Maria (IK). She has an absolutely vital role in the committee and is tasked with communicating with the Director and the actors who sign up for the theatre performance. She does it all, from working out scripts, arranging and planning a rehearsal schedule, to basically making sure that everything comes together in May when the performance happens.

Without her, and the rest of this amazing committee, the ACT-Committee would basically amount to me reading Shakespeare in a corner somewhere. So luckily for all lovers of theatre, that is not the case!

With theatrical greetings,

Luca Schmit (Chair – ACT-Committee)

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