Zwemfest Committee

Zwemfest Committee 2020-2021

Koen Harmsma (2018) PR
Joris van Spijk (2017) Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Sjoerd Visser (2020) Chair

Hi everyone!

This is the Zwemfest committee, we organise the Zwemfest Music Festival in Vera Groningen. Bands will be playing, drinks shall be drunk, and we can all have a great time! A night full of bands who can come to be ‘the next best thing’ held in the most iconic music club of the city. Right now! Right now, we’re all hoping the festival can be held next September keeping in mind the circumstances, but we’re really positive at the moment.

Let us introduce ourselves! First, our committee does not exist of just Ubbo Emmians, we’re working together with three other associations from different studies! We’ve got Masie, Marit and Floris who are working as a team on the booking of bands and are in charge of the acquisition. Màrton and our own Koen are having fun while they will be worrying about the PR department. Willem has a very important function as treasurer, Krissie is our great secretary and vice-chair member and Sjoerd is leading the operation as the chair. 

We’re determined in delivering a great festival for all of you, at a moment in time when it’s possible again to see live music actually live! You will be hearing more from us around June when we plan to organise a pre-party announcing the bands, and definitely in September to have a great night together, listening to our new favourite bands, when music will be played. 

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