Culture Committee

f.l.t.r.: Koen Harmsma, Madison Mundy, Rens Buit, Hanna Hilhorst, Ismael Zarrouki, Elvira Ambrosius, Marijn Weststrate, Sam Verbruggen

Culture Committee 2021-2022

Hanna Hilhorst (2017) Chair
Marijn Weststrate (2018) Vice-Chair
Madison Mundy (2021) Secretary
Koen Harmsma (2018) Treasurer
Rens Buit (2020) PR
Ismael Zarrouki (2020) PR
Elvira Ambrosius (2016) General Member
Sam Verbruggen (2018) General Member
Niels van Zanden (2018) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Let me introduce to you: the Culture Committee, also known as ‘the Cult’. This new committee makes sure that all history students get the opportunity the experience a little bit of culture, in the widest sense of the word. This year Marijn, Madison, Koen, Rens, Ismael, Elvira, Sam, and Hanna organize two movie nights, the annual Ubbo Emmius’ open-mic night (Ubstage) and two secret cultural activities. See you there! 

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