Culture Committee

f.l.t.r. Lisabeth Woltjer, Maarten Wilms, Bibian van Dijk, Abigail van Rijn, Ruben Mekkering

Culture Committee 2023-2024

Bibian van Dijk (2020) Chair
Lisabeth Woltjer (2021) Vice-Chair
Abigail van Rijn (2023) Secretary
Ruben Mekkering (2018) Treasurer
Maarten Wilms (2020) PR
Ylva Axelsson (2021) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Hello! We are the Foucult!

You may know us as the wonderful circus that came to town during Ubstage, but we are so much more. As a committee we organize several activities like our upcoming free activity and in recent years also a city trip. We also organize the movie nights at VERA. We are a lovely little group of five people, let me introduce them to you:

First of all, the chair, that’s me! Bibian. I have the honour of leading this wonderful committee and am having a lot of fun. I am at the end of my bachelor and love going to museums.

Then we have our vice-chair, Lisabeth! Last year she was the chair of the committee so she knows more than all of us. If I ever need help with something she is always there to support me <3.  She is also doing her bachelor as a third year. She is also a very good photographer and is part of the Media Committee! If I had to describe her in one word it would be: cool.

Then we have our secretary Abigail, she takes minutes during our meetings and tries to keep up with our “hak-op-de-tak” meetings (with great success). She is a first-year history student but did psychology before joining us here at history. Abigail always hosts meetings and has impeccable room décor (with several Shrek statues). She and Maarten were victorious in the committee weekend pub quiz together with the Leco.

Now on to our treasurer Ruben, it is his task to make sure we don’t overspend on all of our incredible activities. He is currently doing his master and has been with Ubbo for quite a while, he even was chair of the association once! Ruben and I have been in the theatre committee together (forever in our hearts) and he has a great love for Adele and baking. He also knows a great deal about (foreign) coins, you should ask him about it!

Last (but not least) there is our PR Maarten. He has designed our super sick logo on our committee clothes and makes our posters. He is very interested in maritime history and has just graduated his bachelor. Maarten often steals the show in both his wit and sheer volume. He and Abigail were victorious in the committee weekend pub quiz together with the Leco.

We hope to see you at our next activity!


The Foucult.

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