Sports Committee

f.l.t.r.: Nour Iliohan, Madeleine Doornbusch, Quint Roemaat, Niels van Zanden, Jory Oosterdijk, Phaedra Krol

Sports Committee 2022-2023

Niels van Zanden (2018) Chair
Nour Iliohan (2019) Vice-Chair
Phaedra Krol (2021) Secretary
Quint Roemaat (2022) Treasurer
Jory Oosterdijk (2020) PR
Madeleine Doornbusch (2022) PR
Daan Mekel (2021) General Member
Daan de Boer (2020) Commissioner of Internal Affairs

This year the Sports Committee has seen it’s first light! Affectionately called the SpoCo has already seen it’s first activity. A grand activity involving a lot of sandbiting and volleyballs flying everywhere! This activity couldn’t have taken place without our lovely committee members! Starting with our vice-chair Nour. She is our listening ear and, in my opinion, best behaved of the bunch! Then we have our secretary Phaedra (she also was our chef Penalty point, but was stripped of that due to the Trias Politica). She writes our minutes very carefully and detailed on average 12 pages long! Next is money-master Quint. He bought a plane for just 70 euro’s, so he can surely strike a bargain! Jory is the old PR guy with a lot of experience. Together with the fresh youthful ideas of Madeleine this results in the spiciest posters that have ever been seen. If you ever invite Jory make sure that any musical instruments have been hidden well, otherwise a conversation isn’t possible anymore! I am not going to write about myself because that is cringe!

Lots of love the Spoco

Niels van Zanden - Chair

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