Lustrum Committee

f.l.t.r. Jean-Paul Vaarkamp, Annemar Renzema, Niels van Zanden, Mirthe Bos, Marijn Weststrate, Ilse Eshuis and Elvira Ambrosius

Lustrum Committee 2020-2021

Mirthe Bos (2018) Chair
Ilse Eshuis (2017) Vice-Chair
Annemar Renzema (2019) Secretary
Niels van Zanden (2018) Treasurer
Marijn Weststrate (2018) PR
Jean-Paul Christiaan Vaarkamp (2019) PR
Elvira Ambrosius (2016) General Member

The most fun committee of GHD Ubbo Emmius only exists once every five years! We are very happy that we have been chosen to organize the 17th lustrum of our beautiful association! In November 2021 Ubbo will celebrate its 85th anniversary and we will make sure that you will not easily forget that by organising the best week full of fun activities! Our committee consists of seven people: general member Elvira, who will support us all in our tasks; the creative PR duo Jean-Paul and Marijn, who will make sure you are aware of all the fun that awaits you; treasurer Niels, who will keep a close eye on all the money; artistic secretary Annemar, who will record the meetings and answer all your mails; vice-president Ilse, who will make sure the board approves our wildest plans and chair Mirthe, who will try to keep things together. Will we see you back in November for the week of your life?

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