Ubbo's in concert 2022 social drink

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Board Mekkering (2021-2022)
Date and time
Jan 25, 2022 20:00 - 00:00

Ubbo's in concert 2022 social drink

Dear Ubbo Emmians,

The first month of the new year is underway and in two weeks we will have our first social drink. We hope that you saved some energy from the Christmas holidays to participate in all the activities this coming year. The monthly social drink takes place on the 25th of January. Due to the corona measures, it will be an online event on discord. Put on your shiniest and glimmering outfit and join us at 20:00 on discord. But that's not all for this drink, the Travel Committee will make a fantastic announcement at the social drink: the destination of the Big Trip! So make sure to be there because you do not want to miss it!

Lots of shiny love,
Board Mekkering

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