Ubstage 2023: Cirque du SolUbbo

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Culture Committee 2023-2024
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Dec 12, 2023 20:30 - 23:00
Het Pakhuis

Ubstage 2023: Cirque du SolUbbo

Children of all ages of Ubbo Emmius,

Step right up! The grand spectacle that is the circus has rolled into town in search of new and extraordinary talents! Have you ever dreamed of running away to join the circus? Well, now is your chance because Cirque du SolUbbo is calling out for performers like you! To be a part of this dazzling extravaganza, simply sign up on the website AND send us an email at But don't dilly-dally, the deadline to apply for the circus is December 5th at 23:59.

For those daring souls who choose to participate as a committee, brace yourselves for DOUBLE committee points during this incredible event!

Cirque du SolUbbo will unveil its magical wonders on December 12th at 20:30, with the grand spectacle kicking off at 21:00. And fear not, if you prefer to be a spectator rather than a performer, you're more than welcome! Just sign up on the website.

Join us for this extraordinary celebration of talent, where dreams come to life under the big top!

Yours in circus magic,

The Foucult


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