Exam Training: Dutch History

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Study / Career
Study Committee 2023-2024
Date and time
Apr 9, 2024 15:00 - 17:00
Harmony building, Dutch: room 1313.0342, English: room 1313.0338

Exam Training: Dutch History

Did we actually eat our prime minister? And what was the provo movement? Some burning questions you have to know the answers to when studying for the Dutch History exam! StuCo will luckly give you a nice exam training. The training will take place on April 9th, from 15-17 o' clock! The rooms differ for Dutch and English. The Dutch training is given in room 1313.0342 and the English training in room 1313.0338, both in the Harmonie Building. Oh yeah, and do not forget to sign-up using ubbo-emmius.nl. 

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-StuCo '23-'24

(Bonus points to anyone who can name each Dutch legend in the picture)


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