Lustrum Merchandise sale


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Dec 3, 2021, 11:00:00 PM

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18 Oct 2021 12:00 - 3 Dec 2021 23:00

Lustrum Merchandise sale

Lustrum Merchandise sale

Do you also want to shine like a true film star during the lustrum, but have no idea how? Don't worry! The Lustrum Committee has got you covered with a scala of the most awesome merchandise! We offer two different packages. 

  • The Dirty Dancing package, including totebag, a beer glass and coaster (2), beanie, playing cards, stickers (5), tattoos (2) and condoms (3) for only 24 euros
  • The Just Dancing package, including totebag, playing cards, tattoos (2), stickers (5) and condoms (3) for only 12 euros

For more information and photos of the merchandise, click here. 

Here you can buy one of the two packages. Choose one and enjoy the coming lustrum in style!

NEW! From the 10th of November 12:00 onwards, you can buy some merchandise items without buying a whole package! 

The prices differ for the different items:

  • Lustrum totebag (including a tattoo and 2 condoms) for 4
  • Lustrum beanie (including a tattoo and 2 condoms) for 8,50
  • Lustrum playing cards for 4
  • Ubbeer glass + coaster for 7,50

The payment will be made in December! Enjoy your new items!!!

NB: You can only buy one of these items, if you want two or more, send an email to and we will make it happen!


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