In November, GHD Ubbo Emmius celebrated its 85th birthday. Sadly, not every activity played out as planned. This means we still got two activities left: The Gala and the Parents Day! Underneath you can find information regarding both events. Here you can sign up for both events. We hope to see you at the activities!

Gala: The 17th Ubbo Emmy Awards​​​​​​​, 25th of May

The long awaited Lustrum Gala will finally take place on the 25th of May! The Gala starts at 22:00 and lasts until 03:00. It will take place in De Graanfabriek and costs around €25. For this price you can have unlimited drinks all evening! Put on your best suit or dress and shine like never before. We are looking forward to it and we hope you are too! You can sign up on the website from the 4th of April at 12:00. You can sign up for the 17th Ubbo Emmy Awards here.

Parents Day, 28th of May

The Parents Day takes place on Saturday the 28th of May. The programme starts at 11:00. During the day there will be a lecture, a city walk, lunch, pub quiz and a social drink! Enough super fun activities to have a great day with your parents at Ubbo! When you sign up you have to mention with how many parents you will come. One parent is one introducé and two parents are two introducées. The price for the Parents Day is about €15 per person. The day will take place in Van Swinderenhuys and Land van Kokanje. The programme will end around 17:00 / 17:30, but feel free to continue your drinks. We are looking forward to it and hope to welcome you and your parents at the Parents Day of Ubbo. You can sign up on the website from the 4th of April at 12:00. You can sign up for the Parents Day here.

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