In November, GHD Ubbo Emmius will celebrate its 85th birthday. This 17th lustrum will be celebrated with 17 nights to shine, starting on the 17th of November. Below you will find the complete programme with all the needed information for each activity. The mentioned prices are for non-passe-partout holders. Click here for more information on the passe-partouts. The ticket sale for non-passe-partout holders for all the activities will start on the 25th of October. Click here to sign-up for activities and make sure that a seat is saved for you for all the fun activities during The Ubbo Emmy Awards! 

Wednesday November 17th: the Premiere

On this day the Lustrum will commence! We will kick off with a delicious three-course dinner at 't Zwarte Schaap. Afterwards, we will celebrate the Lustrum with a party at 't Golden Fust where the Lustrum gift will be presented! 

Location: 't Zwarte Schaap and 't Golden Fust

Start: The dinner starts at 19:00 and the party at 22:00

Price: €18 for the dinner and the party is free


Friday November 19th: May the Odds be in Your Favor

This evening there will be a full moon, which sets the perfect stage for some night frights during the first ever Ubbo Hunger Games. May the odds be in your favor...

Location: The arena of the city of Groningen 

Start: 20:00

Price: Free


Saturday November 20th: the Parent Trap

A perfect day to show our parents the lovely association and the members it has! We will start with a city-walk, which ends at de Sleutel. There we will have lunch and a lecture by Rik Peters. Afterwards, there will be a pubquiz and later some drinks to get to know other parents and students.

Location: de Sleutel

Start: 11:00

Price: €15


Monday November 22nd: the Fight Club

This day is all about action movies, so we will brush up on our fighting skills with a workshop stagefighting. Afterwards we will watch a movie at Vera.

We don't talk about this day, because rule one: you never talk about the Fight Club.

Location: Vera

Start: 16:00 for the workshop and 20:00 for the movie

Price: €8 for the workshop and €4 for the movie


Wednesday November 24th: Beer, it's the Best Damn Drink in the World

On this night, there will be a running beer tasting! Four delicious beers will be drunk at different locations. Next, there will be an amazing party, organised by the feco! 

Location: The running beer tasting is in Ubbo's houses and the party is in het Pakhuis

Start: The running beer tasting starts at 19:30 and the party starts at 22:00

Price: €10


Thursday November 25th: Game Show

This nights' activity will be organised by the activitycommittee. There will be a game show and some beers! More information will follow two weeks in advance...

Location: Het Pakhuis

Start: 20:00

Price: Free


Saturday November 27th: The Polar Express

All aboard, the Polar Express leaves for the Christmas market in Bremen! In one day, we will go see the Dom Museum and of course the Christmas market. After a bite in the evening, we will go to Groningen again.

Location: Bremen

Start: 10:00

Price: €17,50


Tuesday November 30th: Cowboy Shoes and Country Blues

Grab your cowboyboots, because this day we are going to linedance! After this workshop, there will be the monthly social drink. At this drink, the Almanac and Lustrum Committees will hand out their lustrumalmanac!

Location: The worksop at sporthal de Brug and the social drink at 't Gat van Groningen

Start: The workshop at 16:00 and the social drink at 21:00

Price: €8 for the workshop and the social drink is free


Friday December 3rd: the 17th Ubbo Emmy Awards

Are you looking forward to seeing your old study/drinkingmates again? At this drink, you can catch up with everyone you haven't seen for too long! Later this evening, the gala will take place, where the Ubbo Emmy Awards will be handed out and where the lustrum will come to an end. For the gala you can bring a +1, so fix yourself a date and come shine at the 17th nights of Ubbo's lustrum. 

Location: de Sleutel and News Café 

Start: Reunist drink starts at 17:00 and the gala at 22:00

Price: Reunist drink is free and the gala is €25 (including an open bar!)


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